Monday, 15 November 2010

Buds, blooms and bunting!

Absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with buds, blooms or even bunting, but I just had to show you how to make the most easiest-peasiest petticoat in the whole wide world ~ and the only sewing equipment you need is a pair of scissors ;-)

In a previous life with my Mum, dear readers, my 'new' petticoat was a nightdress. It has to be said that I very rarely sleep in any nightclothes, since our lovely wool duvet makes it totally unnecessary, and the nightdresses which I own are all cotton ones. Frankly, I couldn't possibly sleep in this satiny little number because a) it would make me waaaay too hot (and as you already know, my dears, I'm having quite enough trouble on that score as it is!) and b) the static this sort of fabric seems to produce would drive me crazy. (I am a rather static-y sort of person for some reason!).

But during my recent endeavours to wear skirts more often, it dawned on me that I what I could really do with was some petticoats ~ and hence my nightdress-turned-into-petticoat was born. It's an utter and total 'cheat', I know, since all I had to do was cut off the shoestring straps :-) I've kept the straps, by the way, because you just never know ~ they may come in useful for.....well, something at some time ;-D

I'm quite pleased, actually, because I made good use of something that would otherwise have been trundled off to the charity shop ~ plus, of course, this little project is in total keeping with the sentiments of The Challenge ;-)

Do you remember how relieved I was to find that this houseplant was sending out new shoots, after I had been a teensy wee bit too gung-ho with the 'ole cutting back? Well, just look at the little love now ~ it's really coming along nicely and seems to have forgiven me for my somewhat reckless behaviour!

This is the little geranium I brought in from the garden last month, which is sitting on my kitchen windowsill. I noticed today that it's sending out buds! Which just goes to show that it's always a jolly good idea to give one's plants a second chance to bloom and blossom :-)

My sweet little African violet is full of such beautiful little flowers, and there are still more buds yet to open beneath those little pretties :-)

Ta~daa ~ an itty little bit of granny bunting!

I've just learnt how to make 'granny triangles' so I thought I'd make a wee bit of bunting for the mirror in our living room ~ good practice, don't you think, dear readers?? I must admit that I rather made it up as I went along ~ which is nothing new for me, although I have to say that there are a couple of things I will do a little differently next time.
I'm still very pleased with my first piece of granny bunting though!


Caroline said...

You have inspired me to take up a Blogger account of my own.

I already use Live Journal, but have one of these now too.

Sharon said...

I'm so thrilled that you've been inspired to start blogging ~ welcome to the wonderful bloggy universe! I've added you to my list of Beautiful Blogs ~ oooooh, and thank you for adding yourself to my Fabulous Friends (aka followers ;-D )(((hugs)))

Susan said...

I had a giggle at the static thing. I can imagine how annoying that would be. Oh yup, those little numbers do turn up the heat... I never know if it's because of the silky number or a hot flash is taking me over! LOL.

Love the plants! Especially the violet, she's so pretty. And the granny triangles are nice. I'd never have known you made it up as you went along. I can't crochet if my life depended on it. My gramma tried to teach me but I guess I wasn't that good a student. I should probably keep trying eh?

Loved this post! ;-)

Sharon said...

Susan, you made me giggle too LOL In my case, I'm pretty sure it's the hot flushes *giggle* Poor 'ole hubby, eh ;-)

I'm so glad you like the plants. I'm thrilled with the African violet ~ this is the first time I've seen her in flower as I don't think she was very happy where I had her before. She obviously likes sitting near the living room window much better :-)

Oh yes, you really should give crocheting a go! And snap ~ my Grandma taught me, too, when I was a little girl :-) Once you get the hang of it, it's so addictive ~ I've got a couple of crochet WIPs at the moment, plus every now and again I pop in a little something like the granny bunting LOL The site below has instructions although it's all in UK terms rather than US ~ but it's only a matter of terminology, the stitches are still the same ;-D