Thursday, 25 November 2010

Guess where I've been today.....

.....oh yes indeedy, sweetie~pies ~ I've been to visit my dentist.

I already knew that I needed two more crowns ~ oh what joy, eh ~ but I didn't realise that Mr F (my lovely dentist ~ and yes, he is a very nice chap) would start the process there and then this morning! At least I didn't have to go home and worry about my next appointment LOL Since a crown is not exactly cheap at £440, we discussed which tooth was in the most need of said item and having got that decision out of the way, Mr F set to with the drill.....after he had jabbed copious amounts of numbing 'stuff' into my gum first, of course ;-)

As usual, my loves, it wasn't nearly as bad as my somewhat vivid imagination had feared it would be and I didn't feel anything at all around the area he was drilling. Funny thing was, though, that the icy cold water which sprays about when the drill is on the go was a teensy bit painful for my upper teeth! They can be a little sensitive at times with cold things. Still, I lived through the experience and didn't shed one single tiny tear ~ am I a brave little soldier or what ;-)

I now have a temporary filling to tide me over until I go back for the crown to be fitted on the 15th December. Then next year I shall be able to go through the whole lovely process yet again to have the third crown done ~ aren't I a lucky bunny!

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