Sunday, 28 November 2010

The last of my dolly purchases.....

.....before The Challenge have finally arrived ~ along with some gifts from Joey :-) He sent me Marcia, who is a vintage 'Pink and Pretty' Barbie.....

.....and these clothes, too. He made the pretty blue blouse himself :-)

Louella and Priscilla are two of the dolls I bought from Joey. I especially like Louella as her face has a different look to the usual Barbie faces :-)

This is Rosalind, who I also bought from Joey's Ebay store. She is an Abigail Brahms doll and I loved the look of her as soon as I saw her. I am very glad that she has joined my dolly family ~ especially as there aren't likely to be any more new additions for quite some time ;-)

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