Wednesday, 17 November 2010

A little tweaking and primping

Well, sweetie pies, you may have noticed that I've been doing a teensy wee bit of housekeeping ~ here on my blog, that is ;-) I've been thinking about rearranging things for a little while now and I finally girded my reluctant ~ and when I say "reluctant" what I really mean is lazy, of course! ~ loins and got the job done. (By the way, isn't "loins" a funny sort of word ~ or is it just me who thinks that.....)

Anyhoo, back to what I started rambling about in the first place.....

Yes indeedy, a spring clean of sorts for the 'ole blog has taken place before your very eyes! You see, my sidebar has bothered me for quite some time mostly because it was just too darn long ~ it seemed to stretch waaay, waaay too far down the page. I expect that was because it was stuffed full-to-bursting with such a humungous amount of.....interesting stuff *giggle* I had a list of the most beautiful blogs there (which seems to grow at a rather alarming rate!), links which I find useful/interesting (also growing *eeek*) and as for the list of categories (previously known as 'labels') ~ well, I quite clearly had to take myself in hand and set forth to do a little pruning!

Now this won't, I'm sure, come as a shock or even a surprise to you but I'm really not what you might call terribly 'blog savvy'. Oh yes, I can certainly find my way round the basics but I do rather tend to take a somewhat rambling (which is quite apt, really, don't you think LOL) path to the other wonderful gizmos, gadgets and stuff. And this, my sweetie pies, is the reason why I have only just discovered that I could have standalone pages ~ how utterly marvelous is that! And those very same pages can contain links to other places! I was very excited by this discovery, I can tell you, as it rather beautifully solved that somewhat irksome problem of my running-out-of-control sidebar ~ and prompted me to do the aforementioned bloggy housework :-)

Sweetie pies, should you so desire you can now click on those buttons to read about me.....or pay a call on those wonderful blogs that I do so love to visit.....or take a virtual stroll to the links I've gathered together in my travels. And all you have to do now is click on one of those oh-so-very-useful pages at the top of the blog instead of trundling down that seemingly never ending sidebar!

Veering off in a somewhat different direction, something else I have been pondering for what seems like ages is the question of using my blog to perhaps bring in a little pin-money. Should I or shouldn't I?? That's the tricky question which has been tumbling around in my poor little head. In the end I decided that, yes, I would indeed show a tiny handful of advertisements here ~ but only those which I myself choose, and there will only ever be a strictly limited number of them. That's why I very quickly decided against the programmes where the advertisements are linked to blog posts ~ I want to be in control of my own blog content.

My blog is first and foremost my personal home-sweet-home-on-the-web, the place where I come to share what I've been doing, or making, and to gently ramble on about this 'n' that. And that, sweetie pies, is how it will remain :-)

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Caroline said...

I was thinking about that advertisement side of things and I wasn't sure, perhaps you can tell me how you get on?