Monday, 29 November 2010

Making gifts

Sweetie~pies, this is my first cone! What do you think? It's not bad, really, is it :-) I used some of that scrumptious cotton batting to wrap the cardboard cone and then tried to choose embellishments that I thought my friend would like. The cute little doggie is standing on a bed of dried lavender, so it smells nice too.

I just have to admit that I am very happy indeed with how this plaque turned out. It too is a gift for a friend; she is very ill (with cancer) and I am hoping that this quote will bring her some comfort. My loves, if you could spare a moment from time-to-time to pray for my friend, it would be very much appreciated (((hugs)))

I didn't, of course, make these little ladies but I thought you might like to see them sitting all cosy and snug in their very own chair. They have swapped places with Julia, who is now quite happily sitting on the sofa. They all seem perfectly content with the new arrangement ;-)

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