Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Sweetie~pies, I seem to have 'lost' my dining-table again! This photo looks very familier, don't you think ~ rather like the 'before' picture in this post!

I do have a good excuse though ;-) In keeping with the spirit of The Challenge, I came to the conclusion that I really, really need to get to work using up that absolutely humungous stash of craft stuff which is currently piled up in The Shed. I know you will find it very hard to believe, my loves, but it's now so bad out there that I can't even get to my work-bench let alone do any actual crafting on it *eeek* Hence the delightful scene you are now witnessing in this photo *sigh*

The poor table will be able to breathe an admittedly muffled sigh of relief once I have sorted out the hall, as that is where the dolls' house is destined to live. So at least a little weight will be lifted from it's four chunky pine legs before too much longer ;-)

And this, my sweets, is my first attempt at scaling that craft stash mountain :-) This is the very first time that I've made anything like this, and to start with I actually found the experience surprisingly stressful! It was harder than I had imagined to decide what images to use, how many, where they should be placed.....I rather think I was 'thinking' a teensy wee bit too much about the whole process ;-)

Anyhoo, this is what I finally ended up with and I'm quite happy with how it eventually turned out. I have sent it to a friend as a little gift, so I hope she will be pleased with it too :-)

Stash busting of a different sort here.

Now that I have finished the project-which-I-can't-show-you-yet, I thought I would make myself a giant granny triangle shawl for myself. It's crocheting up pretty quickly, which is always gratifying don't you think ;-) Plus, of course, the sooner I get it made the sooner I can start wearing it :-)

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