Wednesday, 10 November 2010

What are the chances.....

.....that I will manage to get my laundry dry outside today, do you think, dear readers???

Today is one of those typical cold November days ~ very overcast and breezy but even as I type, the sun is trying to break through those grey clouds *hurrah!* And at least it's not raining! My goodness gracious me, have we had some rain these past few days *eeeek*

I confess that I really do dislike having to use the tumble-dryer *sigh* It's not just the cost of running the thing, and I do appreciate how useful it is, but don't you find that laundry seems to smell so much nicer when it's had a good 'ole blow out on the clothesline? I love that crisp, fresh scent of just-brought-in-from-the-clothesline laundry. Such a small pleasure but one I could never tire of :-)

What do you think of my 'new' vintage curtains, destined for our living room window? Aren't they just absolutely beautiful? They are handmade in a gorgeous glazed cotton fabric, triple-pleated and fully lined with weighted hemline ~ all for the princely sum of £20!

I bought them from pinkrosieposies on Ebay ~ she has some lovely linens in her little store :-) I also bought a very pretty pair of vintage pillowcases from her. Both items arrived beautifully presented ~ and smelling so fresh and clean. I admit that I've been rather taken aback at the, er, aroma of some items I've purchased in the past from other sellers on Ebay!

Anyhoo, these curtains will be going up at the living room window just as soon as I have sewn on brass rings to hang them by. My grand plan is to gradually work my way round all the windows in the house, fitting them out with 'winter' and 'summer' curtains. 'Tis a thought I've had simmering away for some little while, dear readers, and when I saw these curtains said thought burst forth once more ;-) At the moment, the living room windows are adorned with white lined voile curtains, which are perfectly lovely during the hotter months as they are lightweight and look suitably cool and breezy. When the weather gets cold, though, I just want to batten down the hatches and make the house warm and snuggly. These curtains will cosy up the living room admirably :-)

I really do think this houseplant should be renamed 'pre-Christmas cactus' ~ just look at all those pretty blooms! I hope there will still be some left for Christmas :-)

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