Friday, 10 December 2010

Last-minute birthday cards ~ and lucky me!

Two friends have birthdays this week and so on Wednesday I duly trotted over to the cupboard where I keep my stash of cards ~ only to discover that I didn't actually have any stash left *eeeeek* A state of mild panic set in, sweetie~pies, because one of those friends had her birthday yesterday!

However, I took a deep breath, counted to ten ~ and set to work making the cards myself. I've only made one or two cards previously so this is another new and exciting little avenue for your's truly to explore. Plus, of course, it fits very nicely with The Challenge ;-)

I'm pleased with how they have turned out ~ and so glad that I had card-making supplies lurking in my craft stash! I think I would have enjoyed the process slightly more had I not been in such a hurry, though. The lesson, methinks, is to have regular card-making sessions so that I always have a handy-dandy supply ;-)

I'm a happy bunny, my loves, because this gorgeous wrap is mine! And not only is it really pretty, the fabric is wonderfully soft, too.

One of Adrian's work colleagues has recently been to India with his wife, visiting relatives over there. They brought back wraps for all the ladies in the office ~ and lucky gal that I am, I was included too!

As you already know, I love shawls and wraps and this has made a lovely addition to my little collection :-)

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