Wednesday, 8 December 2010

My Dream Wardrobe!

Ha ~ I bet you were thinking ~ or perhaps, perish the thought, hoping ;-) ~ that I had forgotten about my promise t'other day to inflict the wardrobe of my dreams upon you, sweetie~pies! But fear not because you are in luck, my loves ~ here I am, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to start rambling away once more ;-P

So, after oodles of profound consideration which has ~ naturally ~ necessitated copious amounts of tea consumption, I've discovered that what I am really drawn to are feminine, pretty clothes and, it must be admitted, somewhat old-fashioned styles. I love frills, ruffles, lace and bows.....mix-and-match layers.....sweet pastel shades (although that isn't to say that I'm totally opposed to deeper shades).....quirky and unusual combinations.....Crocs and little girl-style footwear.....socks and leggings.....coloured opaque tights.....polka dots and florals.....soft, gently draping fabric.....flippy skirts and dresses.....old-lady cardigans.....pinafore dresses and aprons.....big snuggly warm cardigans pretending to be jackets and coats.....ladylike hats, coats and jackets.....I could go on but I'm quite sure that by now you have a very good idea of just what it is that I like!

There now, sweetie~pies, learning the nitty gritty details of my dream wardrobe wasn't really so bad, was it ;-)

Rather depressingly, though, when I compare my dream wardrobe with what is currently lurking in my real-life cupboards and drawers, there really is very little that matches up *sigh* A sure sign, don't you think my loves, of my steadfast efforts over the years at attempting to draw as little attention to myself as possible. Of course, as we all know, that is a task most definitely doomed to failure because it is really quite impossible to hide a lady of such ample proportions as myself ~ unless I could somehow procure a Harry Potter cloak of invisibility!

However, during my recent tea-drinking ponderings, a little thought rather unexpectedly landed in my head and quite rapidly took root. If it is so very difficult to blend into the background.....then why even bother??? Why not simply wear-what-the-heck-I-like and give the world something prettier than my usual garb to look at??? And with being the big, beautiful woman that I am, that would most certainly be a whole lot of prettiness to behold don't you think :-)

Of course, we all know, don't we sweetie~pies, that there is actually a solution to the thorny issue of my not-inconsiderable bulk. After yet more tea-guzzling, though, I have decided that I won't discuss that particular topic at the moment. But watch this space because I can feel a post beginning to bubble away in the deep, dark depths of my mind.....

In the meantime then, shall we head back to my dream wardrobe my loves?? Yes?? Okie dokie, off we go then :-)

Right then, now that we are back here at dream wardrobe central, I think it's time for another cup of tea whilst I have a think about what to do with the clothes I have to make them more like the clothes I would prefer to have. I believe that the answer, my loves, is to be found by making friends with Miss Sadie~Marie ~ my new and as-yet-unused sewing-machine. I do feel that I should tell you, though, that up to now my experience of actually getting to grips with a such a piece of machinery is extremely limited. Thus far in my life, I have made a skirt out of red crimpelene fabric (which took a whole school year to complete and which I never wore!) and a pair of curtains for the shop my sister had at one time ~ which were just a couple of simple rectangles with curtain-header tape sewn across the top! In the circumstances, sweetie~pies, I do believe it would be quite fair to describe your's truly as a novice sewing-maching user ;-)

Still, the only way to learn how to sew is by actually doing it (oh, what words of wisdom I do spout at times!) *gulp* And, of course let's not forget that there is also The Challenge which must be taken into account ~ which most definitely means that I shall have to prettify the clothes I already own.

I sincerely hope that Miss Sadie~Marie and I are about to embark on a wonderfully kind, gentle and loving relationship. You can rest assured that I will be sharing with you the end result of our combined efforts as each new creation comes along.....even if it is absolutely hideous!

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