Monday, 6 December 2010

Oh, the shame of it!

I really don't know if I should be 'fessing up to this but here goes anyway: this, my loves, is the master bedroom and it's been about two years ~ yes, you did read that correctly! ~ TWO WHOLE YEARS, I tell you, since it was properly cleaned and tidied. Hence the head-hanging low in shame ;-P The room got into a terrible mess whilst I was stuck in bed when my back 'went' (much like the rest of the house *sigh*) and I just hadn't gotten around to doing anything to rectify the situation.....

.....until this weekend, that is. I've just spent virtually the whole of the last couple of days cleaning, tidying, sorting, rearranging ~ and quite frankly, sweetie~pies, today your's truly is absolutely pooped :-0

I dumped the stuff which was piled on the floor onto the bed then remembered that I was going to take 'before' and 'after' photos ~ duh! The chest of drawers is still piled high, though, so you can imagine what it looked like I'm sure ;-)

This is what was piled/dumped on the floor!

No, funnily enough it doesn't look any better from this angle.....

.....nor from this one!

As you can see, the chest of drawers is piled high with heaps of miscellaneous 'stuff'!

I remembered that the little cupboard in the photo with the doors wide open was up in the loft, and thought it would be just perfect to fit in this corner. So I clambered up there to bring it down ~ and have to admit that I struggled just a teensy wee bit. At one point, I thought I had got the dratted thing stuck in the loft-hatch opening! Needless to say, I was thoroughly told off by both Adrian and Beverly when they found out ~ naughty me ;-)

Ta~daa! Now doesn't that look better, sweetie~pies :-)

As I've already said, it took me the whole weekend to get the bedroom done and I'm still pretty tired today ~ but I am a very happy bunny! Like the rest of the house, the bedroom needs to be decorated but I can happily live with that now it's all clean and tidy in there.

That bare patch on the wall is where we once had a radiator ~ I just haven't gotten round to painting it yet. The window, frame, sill, net and curtains were absolutely filthy and it took me quite some time to get this little area clean. We live on a busy road and the dust and grime just seems to get everywhere. The net curtain was literally grey over the area which hangs in front of the top opening window!

I wash my nets and hang them back up again straight from the washing machine ~ that way, there is usually no need to iron them. When I looked at the care label on the curtains, though, it said dry-clean only. Well, I certainly wasn't going down that road so they went in the washing machine, on a low temperature delicate wash, one curtain at a time. They, too, were then hung back up straight from the machine and I was very happy to see that the creases just dropped out as they dried :-)

The little porcelain dolly peeking round the curtain is Noelle.

I took the garlands of fabric flowers off the two little wall-shelves so that I could stand some of my porcelain dollys up there. It also has to be said that pretty as the garlands are, they do tend to trap dust which I'm sure really isn't such a good thing so close to where we sleep!

Charlotte and Nina are now standing on the top of this wall shelf, which gives them a good view of the bedroom :-)

Adrian helped me by moving the heavy pieces of furniture so that I could vacuum and clean beneath and behind them. He also took down these bed canopy nets for me so that I could wash them. This time, I let them more or less dry before I hung them back up because I didn't want the folds to stay damp.

Arthur and Fred like to lounge about on the bed :-) It's also a nice place to display my brooch cushion.

Josephine and Flora have a good view of the bedroom too, now that they are standing on the other wall shelf, and Jane is very happy sitting on her chair with her teddies :-)

The chest of drawers looks so pretty now!

This side of the bedroom looks very nice now ~ plus there is so much more space to walk around in!

The red-haired porcelain dolly on the shelf is called Constance and her friend Isadora, temporarily dressed in a doily, is standing on the cupboard below. They seem to like living with the Virgin Mary, the angels and St Therese :-)

I do hope you enjoyed seeing the transformation of the master bedroom. It's really quite amazing the difference a couple of days and some elbow grease can achieve ~ even without redecorating! I've also taken some closer photos of some of my pretty little things and treasures, which I will share with you tomorrow :-)

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