Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Some pretty little things and treasures.....

.....in the master bedroom ~ as promised yesterday :-)

Jane is a very lucky dolly indeed, my loves, as she has a cupboard of her very own for all her clothes!

I have a small collection of hat pins but no hat pin holder ~ so what's a girl to do??? Why, improvise with a pretty china pomander of course, and fill it with dried lavender so that it smells good, too :-)

I'm sorry that some of these photos haven't come out terribly well ~ perhaps it was because I was so tired. Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it ;-)

Isadora and Constance really like living in 'angel corner'. It is a very calm and peaceful space :-)

'Angel corner'.

Josephine and Flora.

The bed canopy curtains previously had 'proper' tasselled curtain tie-backs which were nice but much too big really. I remembered that I had two long faux pearl necklaces which I seldom wear, and thought that they would make ideal 'tie-backs' instead. I simply double twisted each necklace to make two strands, looped them round the curtains and hung them over the hooks. I think they look very pretty and much more in keeping with the delicate lace curtains :-)

Charlotte and Nina.

This cigarette box belonged to my Grandfather ~ my Dad's father. I never knew him as he died when Dad was only four years old. It is nice to have a link back to him :-)

I've been meaning to upload this photo for absolutely ages! This is the glass dish from which Adrian drew the winner of my recent giveaway. It lives in the living room, not the master bedroom, but I just wanted to show you the pretty little silver lady in the bottom of the dish :-)

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