Saturday, 4 December 2010

Today's Big Question is.....

.....skirts and dresses ~ or trousers??

I wear trousers.....almost all the time. But, sweetie~pies, in my heart-of-hearts I really want to be wearing dresses and skirts.....almost all the time.

So what, I hear you cry, is stopping you?? Well, my loves, I shall tell you: to put it purely and simply, it's sheer habit. As a child of the 60s and 70s I did indeed wear skirts and dresses most of the time ~ both at home and, of course, at school. To explain to the younger readers amongst you, back in those days girls were not allowed to wear trousers for school! I scampered out those school gates as fast as my 16 year old legs would carry me, and sallied forth into the big wide world to earn a crust.....and still I was wearing skirts and dresses. In the late 70s/early 80s it wasn't common to see a woman wearing trousers for work ~ well, not in the offices where I worked at any rate!

Clearly, then, the habitual wearing of trousers didn't strike me at an early age ;-) No, it appears to have crept up on me after having given birth to the gruesome~twosome. Although I no longer needed to wear items of clothing reminiscent of a small tent in order to decently cover my humungous bump, I found that skirts just didn't seem as comfortable as they once were. And so, my loves, I slowly-but-oh-so-surely slid into a life of trouser-wearing.

The years passed by and as I grew ever larger, so trousers became the more comfortable and, it has to be admitted, the most decidedly so much more convenient option when I opened my wardrobe doors each day. No struggling to get tights hauled up my chubby little legs, no vast expanse of naked flesh on my wobbly inner thighs to rub together in misery-inducing soreness! And so my fate was seemingly sealed and the wearing of trousers became a deeply ingrained habit.

Oh yes, sweetie~pies, I admit that certainly I flirted with dresses and skirts every now and again. But since I had become so used to shielding the world from the traumatic sight of my tree-trunk pins, I opted for long, almost floor-sweeping, attire. Unfortunately, I have to confess that this has actually proved to be just a teensy wee bit fraught with danger on occasion; let's just say that I have managed to get my dainty little feet (not!) entangled in those voluminous acres of fabric on more than a few occasions ;-) And in all seriousness, it really has been something of a risk since my back 'went', as my balance still isn't quite normal even now.

I think, then, it would be fair to say that by now I've become used to wearing trousers/floor-skimming attire in quite equal measure with the unfamiliarity of wearing skirts or dresses of a more leg-exposing length. What I secretly long for, though, is for the scales to be tipped much more in favour of the latter rather than the former! Now please don't misunderstand me, my loves ~ I'm most definitely not about to inflict a mini-skirted Sharon upon the unsuspecting world! If indeed I ever even possessed a pair of legs that such outfits demand, they are long since behind me ~ most likely left behind way back in the dim and distant past of my childhood!

But as you have probably guessed by now, I do have a little vision of what I would like my 'dream wardrobe' to contain :-) The trouble is, though, that I have one or two hang-ups I am trying to conquer. The most obvious one, of course, is my size *sigh* I try to hide my body as best I can with what I've been wearing these many years past. If I start to dress in just-below-the-knee-length hemlines, then I shall be putting more of myself on show. And I will be 50 years old next year; should I be turning to twinsets-and-pearls and sticking with my old trouser 'uniform'??? It's a dilemma, to be sure don't you think, my, well actually, no it isn't! If someone should have an issue with, or disapprove of, what I may choose to wear ~ then let's face it, that's their problem not mine! And in all honesty, how likely is it in any event that anyone would be even remotely interested in my wardrobe ;-)

Oooooh, I feel so much better now that I've got all that off my chest and out into the open! Sweetie~pies, thank you heaps and heaps for listening to me whittering on again (((hugs)))

I'll be a kind blogger now and give you a break to recover.....before I inflict upon you the nitty-gritty details of my dream-soon-to-be-a-reality wardrobe!


Caroline said...

This was almost as though you were writing for me, except I don't wear ANY type of skirt and haven't done for a LONG time (I am a bit porky). But I have made the decision and bought long skirts, which is only what I ever wore anyway, and tights, because as you say chaffing hurts.

In fact tomorrow we are out for lunch and I am wearing a lovely lovely skirt and top, maybe dress, woot!

Sharon said...

Ooooh, I'm so glad that I'm not the only one with skirt/dress issues, sweetie! How did lunch go yesterday?? I bet you looked lovely in your skirt or dress ~ and I bet folk noticed in a 'good' way, too :-)

Despite my size, my hubby loves me to wear pretty, feminine clothes ~ in fact, my size doesn't bother him in the slightest other than the fact that he worries about my health ~ and I like to look pretty for him :-) I bought some fab coloured opaque tights some time ago (which I ordered from the US as I couldn't find anything similar in my size over here *sigh*) and recently I've been plucking up the courage to wear them with skirts ~ and even if I do say so myself, I don't look bad at all ;-)

Nancy Maxwell James said...

I would wear skirts all year if I didn't live in Michigan. Live in them during the summer months - but I am also a girl who loves her blue jeans! Loved this post!

Sharon said...

Hi Nancy ~ thank you so much for dropping by :-)

I must confess that I've never really been much of a jeans wearer ~ they just don't seem to fit right for some reason! It's been pretty cold here in the UK (probably not as cold as in Michigan!) and I've gone back to my leggings-and-skirt combinations most days ~ those extra layers seem to make a big difference LOL I truly, truly don't look good AT ALL in leggings by themselves ~ well, I wear tops with them obviously, but you know what I mean ;-) ~ but they are so comfy and warm beneath my skirts :-)