Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Well, that was a waste of £8.30!

I had an appointment for another accupuncture session today, so duly booked a taxi and trundled off to the hospital.

Well, sweetie~pies, I sat waiting to be called. 9.20am (the time of my appointment) came and went, and then at about 9.45am my name was called by the nurse. Alas, my hopes of a session with Dr C were dashed when the nurse started to apologise for keeping me waiting and then proceeded to tell me that he hadn't arrived at the hospital. In fact, they had been unable to even contact him and he hadn't made contact with them! A mystery, my loves!

I admit I was a little bit cross that I had forked out the said £8.30 on taxi fares there and back with nothing to show for it. But on the other hand I wonder what happened to Dr C? I do hope he is okay and hasn't been taken ill or had an accident :-(

I will let you know what happened as soon as I find out.....

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