Monday, 10 January 2011

101 Things in 1001 Days

{{{ 101 in 1001 }}}

I have finally started to add things to my 101 Things to my list, sweetie~pies ~ although so far, I have to confess, I only actually have 23 Things listed LOL I am sure, though, that it won't be long before I have thought of many more things I would like to accomplish over the next 2 3/4 years ;-) (Goodness me, could I write 'things' any more times in one small paragraph!)

You will see that I have already managed to cross-out two items on the list! Adrian and I spent a good few days sorting out the loft during the New Year period and yes, we were ruthless up there, my loves. It's very much a mixed blessing having a loft with a good, solid, boarded floor. On the one hand, it's lovely to be able to keep things up there which aren't used that often, or only at certain times of year, but on the other hand it is awfully tempting to keep things "just in case they may come in handy" simply because we can shove them into the loft! And then, of course, there are the mountains of boxes. I swear that they reproduce all by themselves in the darkness of that loft!

I am not joking when I say that we managed to completely fill an old builders' bulk sand bag just with flattened boxes of various descriptions! We had boxes up there for some items that we didn't even have anymore. For once, it isn't me and my hoarding instincts which creates the 'box situation' ~ it is Adrian. He always wants to keep the box-to-the-applicance/whatever "in case we have to have it repaired". Naturally, if something is going to go wrong, it almost always happens just after the guarantee has run out ;-) He was very good, though, and discarded many of the boxes; those that are left up there are now neatly stacked in one, easily accessible, corner :-)

We hadn't had a proper clear-out up there for a number of years so there were plenty of things we decided it was time to discard. Some things have gone to local charity shops and everything else is now sitting in a mega-sized Hippo Bag, waiting for me to arrange collection of same.

When it's quite obvious that one of these humungous clear-outs just can't be put off any longer, I find myself quietly despairing about my hoarding tendencies. It all seems such a good idea at the time to keep this and that, but more often than not those items-kept-just-in-case are forgotten about. Before you know it, the loft has become a place where it is virtually impossible to actually find anything ~ and with the piles of boxes and 'stuff', somewhat dangerous as well!

I really wish that I had thought to take some before-and-after photos of this loft-clearing exercise, as the difference is quite amazing ~ Adrian and I can now see, and safely get to, everything we have stored up there :-) As usual, it turned out to be a much longer job than I had anticipated, and was very tiring and dusty too, but I feel soooo much better now it is finally I now have a designated space to store my fabric stash!

Ah yes, my loves ~ the fabric stash. Well, that is turning out to be quite a revelation! I have waaay more 'stash' than I had realised for a start, with some really lovely pieces of fabric I had completely forgotten about, including lengths of fabric plenty long enough to make curtains. I also have a rather large amount of what I call 'base fabrics', i.e. muslin, calico, old white cotton sheets, etc. I don't think that I have rounded up all the fabric lurking in The Shed but I will gradually find the waifs and strays ;-) All the fabric in the loft is now stored in lidded plastic crates, except for the base fabrics. I'm storing those pieces in the dresser in the hall, which I'm planning on making into 'sewing central' to free up some more space in The Shed ~ but that, I think, is a tale for another day my loves.....

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