Friday, 21 January 2011

Farewell, my hardworking loyal servant!

Miss Washing Machine finally conked out yesterday *sigh*

Admittedly she hadn't been well for a little while so it came as no great surprise that she finally gave up the ghost. How thoughtful, though, of Miss WM to manage to finish the load she was doing first :-) How optimistic of me to strip off beds in the hope that she would be able to cope with it all ~ we now have a pile of yet-to-be-washed bedding decorating the floor of Beverly's bedroom LOL

I opened Miss WM's door to be greeted by a plume of nasty acrid smoke ~ which got me leaping up to uplug her pronto and also open the kitchen window! The duvet cover and sheet she had just washed smelled rather awful, which was a tad annoying, but I plonked them into the tumble-dryer anyway in the hope that the smell would go. Thankfully it did as I didn't really fancy having to wash such big items by hand!

So last night we had the 'joy' of searching out the best deal for a new washing machine. Well, I say we but really it was Adrian ~ I sat and watched a programme about Jack the Ripper :-D Men seem to like all this research stuff, don't they?? Still, at least he managed to sort it out in a couple of hours or so, unlike the research saga of the new television which seemed to drag on for weeks.....

Hopefully a new Miss Washing Machine will be taking up residence in the kitchen sometime next Wednesday. If she is as long-lived and hardworking as her predecessor then I shall be a very happy bunny :-)

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