Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I've 'adopted' a sister for Baby Jane!

Meet Ginger ~ isn't she lovely! I know, I know ~ The Challenge has gone right out the window but we'll just gloss over that methinks ;-)

I was looking on Ebay at Rosebud dolls and in amongst the offerings was the cute little face of Miss Ginger. The seller wondered if she is a Pedigree doll but I'm not sure that she is to be honest. To my mind, she isn't quite the same quality as Jane, who is a Rosebud doll. Nevertheless, Ginger is still a lovely little dolly ~ well, not quite so little as she is almost the same size as her new sister, Jane :-)

She came with the extremely grubby little jacket she is wearing ~ actually, Ginger is very grubby herself and will need a jolly good session in the dolly spa. Somehow I think this should be done sooner rather than later, otherwise I don't think Jane will want to share her clothes with her sister LOL

This vintage baby nightgown came with Ginger and is just as dirty as the jacket! I'm hoping that at least some of the stains will come out when I wash it.

Yes, I've been tempted by some new Sindys too! This is Angela :-) I think she has a rather sad look, don't you?

And another Sindy ~ this is Verity :-) She is in pretty nice condition and her vintage outfit is lovely.

I've been doing a lot of thinking these past few weeks about all my collections and have finally come to some decisions. As you already know, I've collected a lot of 'fashion dolls' but sadly they are mostly stored in boxes as I simply don't have enough display space. So, I have decided to downsize my collection and will gradually be finding new homes for many of the girls.

I have decided to concentrate on my collection of Sindy and Sindy clone dolls, along with Rosebud dolls. I have such a soft spot for the Rosebuds because, of course, Jane is a Rosebud herself :-)

So look out for dolly photos over the coming weeks, as I shall post them here on the blog as I list them on Ebay :-)

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