Monday, 31 January 2011

She sells seashells.....

.....and I buy 'em ;-)

Isn't this little shell purse sweet, my loves? It is now sitting on one of the shelves in my bedroom with some other little purses :-)

I just couldn't resist this pretty vintage shell necklace, sweetie~pies! I rather think it is safe to say that my attempt at the The Challenge is busted.....

Still, at least I didn't buy these gorgeous little fabric flowers you'll be amazed to hear ;-) Oh no, my loves, I won them in a giveaway that JoAnn was holding on her YouTube channel! Aren't they sweet?

I didn't buy this cute little blue and white clog either LOL It was a gift from my girlie :-) She saw it when she was out shopping the other day and thought of her dear '0le Mum. It will tuck into my china cabinet very nicely indeed :-)

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Lovely sea shell purse! I have a cousin that makes sea shell shadow boxes and they are to die for! Lucky thing, her hands don't shake, LOL!