Monday, 14 February 2011

Baby Jane

This little lady, sweetie~pies, is a very special dolly indeed. I have had Jane since I was about two years old, so she and I have been companions for around 48 years now :-)

Poor Jane suffered from my tender ministrations somewhat during my childhood, so she no longer has eyelashes, nor her two little front teeth and I bit off one of her fingers ~ oh, the shame of it! Mind you, I did try to make amends on the finger front when I was older ~ I sewed over the hole ;-) Jane is quite large, about 23" tall, and wears size 0-3 months baby clothes so it's really easy to find pretty dresses for her to wear ~ and, my loves, it's the perfect excuse to still buy baby clothes!

She lives upstairs on a chair in Adrian's and my bedroom, along with two teddies I have had since I was a baby (so they are even older than Jane ~ I will introduce you to the boys another day).

I have always thought that Jane was quite realistic for a child's doll. She has lovely 'folds and creases' like a real baby would :-)

Here are some photos of Jane modelling a few of her clothes ~ real baby clothes, of course ;-)

This Mexican dress is lovely but sadly it is too large for Jane (and too small for a larger doll that I will be introducing soon!). Still, Jane likes to play in it :-)

This is such a pretty pink velvet dress ~ and Jane loves it, too :-)

A dear friend sent me some baby clothes for Jane ~ here she is in a cosy body suit...

...and here in a matching jacket and pair of trousers. I will have to take in the waist of the trousers at some point as they ~ of course! ~ have been made to accommodate a nappy LOL Jane doesn't wear nappies so the trousers are a tad too large, my loves!

And here she is carefully balancing on one leg to show off the booties which 'Auntie Irene' also sent :-)

As I already said, Jane spends much of her time on a chair in Adrian's and my bedroom, playing with her two little teddies. Soon, though, she will have a companion ~ more about that another day, sweetie~pies ;-)

And finally, here is Jane showing off her own cupboard of clothes :-) I haven't told her yet that she will soon be sharing her wardrobe with a sister.....


JENNIFER said...

I loved playing with dolls when I was a mom would buy me a new baby every year for christmas and they were all so "loved" I collect dolls (marie osmond porcelain) your doll is a sweetheart and brought back memories. I hope you had a nice Valentines Day.. hugs, Jennifer

- said...

I remember these dolls.