Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The fashion dolls: Sindy

If I am honest, sweetie~pies, I really prefer the Sindy dolls to Barbie ~ well, I like them more than the modern Barbies at any rate. And I only like the older Sindys, not the later moulds with the smaller faces ~ they are nowhere near as attractive, in my opinion, more like wannabe Barbies ;-)

In the photo above, starting with the little lady in the long knitted dress, these blonde bombshells are: Rosalind, Margot, Helena, Miriam and Trudie. Just in case you were wondering, each member of my dolly family has a name :-)

More blondes! Starting with the dolly in the long pink gown we have: Veronica, Valerie, Shirley and Peggy.

You will have to excuse the motley assortment of clothing that the girls are wearing! One of my Flickr friends suggested dressing all the dolls to help me decide whether they were inspiring enough to keep ~ and I rather just grabbed the first item which came to hand from the bag of jumbled up clothes.....which is another job waiting on my 'sorting out' list LOL

This collection of ash-blonde Sindys is rather nice ~ even if I do say so myself. Admittedly, almost all of the Sindys are still awaiting a session in the dolly spa but their beauty still shines through for me.

Beginning with the pretty girl in the long which gown we have: Esme, Gayle, Joyce, Adele and Barbara.

And these lovlies are the dark-haired girls ~ obviously! Starting with the sweetie in the long blue gown we have: Harriet, Louise, Lindsey, Georgina and Caroline.

I guess by many collector's standards, my little group isn't terribly large but it certainly seems big enough to me! I am endeavouring not to add any more dolls to any of my smaller fashion doll 'families' ~ I have others besides the Sindys ~ as I haven't yet found space to display them. The poor little things have all been carefully packed away in cardboard prisons for the time being *sigh*

Still, I know where I would like to eventually put them and I also have what I think will be an ideal piece of furniture to display them in ~ after it has had a coat or two of paint, at any rate! ~ so they won't be imprisoned for ever :-)


JENNIFER said...

You have a very nice collection...When I was younger, a friend of mine had some of the sindy dolls they also had the smaller faced "wannabe" barbies...I collect barbies but I don't have any older ones just newer.... so looking at your collection of these, makes me want to start collecting older dolls too. :o) have a nice day!

Cordelia said...

I always preferred Sindies to Barbies because they had dark hair, even though I bleached my hair for sooooo long, I prefer dark or red hair.

How do you remember each of their names, they all look the same!

Sharon said...

At the moment I just refer to their photo and can tell who is who by what they are wearing LOL It will be a different matter once they start having sessions in the dolly spa, though ~ I'm thinking of putting a very discreet little mark somewhere on each one to help identify her ;-)