Sunday, 6 February 2011

Hold on to your hats, folks.....

.....I've created another new blog ~ A Doll~Shaped Heart!

No, my loves, I haven't gone bonkers ~ in fact, I believe I've done an eminently sensible thing in starting a new blog just for my dolly family ;-) I was trying to get back to sleep in the wee small hours this morning when it dawned (hahaha!) on me that it would be a jolly good idea for the dollys to have their own special place on the 'net. When I first started Lavender and Pearls (or to be more precise my previous blog, Violet Cottage), the doll addiction hadn't yet gotten hold of me so I just whittered on about all sorts of things. Of course I do still do that, don't I sweetie~pies, but those dolls have really crept in and at times even I have had more than a passing thought that they were starting to take over at times! Hence my new blog ;-)

It also has to be said that I've been wanting to sort of catalogue my dolls for quite some time, and A Doll~Shaped Heart will be the ideal place to do this. Even dollys must submit to the need for organised records and lists, I'm afraid! Of course, once the whispers about Hazelton ~ a miniature town had started to spread, it was only a matter of time before the dolls started to drop hints about a blog of their own, too :-) So all-in-all, I do believe this is a win-win situation, my loves!

I expect, my loves, that there will be a certain amount of overlap between the two new blogs and this one at times, especially since I really want to start 'making and creating', but the plan is to keep other dolly and miniature stuff in their own homes now the majority of the time :-)

I'm not planning on starting any more blogs.....honestly.....well, not any time soon at any rate ;-D


Sharon said...

Happy Sunday, Sharon! Goodness, how will you ever keep up with them? I have trouble with just the one! Of course, I don't know how to type like I should, and still hunt and peck and I can't use all my fingers because of arthritis. Have a great day and good luck with your new blog!

Jennifer said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog and just became a follower to both of yours. I collect dolls too, marie osmond porcelain dolls and barbies...I look forward to visiting each one especially the doll one. Have a nice day! Jennifer

Sharon said...

Good morning ladies! Thank you both so much for taking time to leave a comment, I really appreciate it (((hugs)))

Sharon, I wanted to have a more 'visible' place for my dolls' houses/miniatures and doll collections, somewhere specific and only for them. Hopefully, it won't be too much of a problem keeping up with three blogs LOL I learned to type at school and had clerical/secretarial jobs. Once you've learnt, you never forget LOL My daughter still finds it freaky, though, that I type without looking at the keyboard ;-)

Hi Jennifer ~ how lovely to 'meet' you! I shall be visiting your blogs later ;-)