Tuesday, 1 February 2011

In the garden yesterday...

We had beautiful blue skies and gorgeous sunshine here yesterday, sweetie~pies, but boy was it cold! I do hope that it's going to be as lovely a day here today.

When I opened up the chickens over the weekend, I noticed that there are lots of buds starting to appear in the garden, which always makes one feel cheerful :-) This clematis is growing up the side of the hen house. It faces more or less east but is sheltered and I should think that the sun warms up the wood nicely.

This honeysuckle is also growing up the hen house. It smells lovely and the scent always reminds me of my Grandma's garden on summer evenings when I was a child :-)

We had another delivery of logs on Sunday. They are a bit damp but luckily we still have a small supply of the well-seasoned logs left, so we get the wood-burner going with a couple of those first before using the new logs. Good thinking eh ;-) I don't know quite what it is, but I really do love to see the log-stores full of wood LOL

It's not easy to see but this shrub in the raised bed near the house is covered in buds, too. As usual, I can't remember what the shrub is called but it has a mass of gorgeous white flowers in spring if that's any help, my loves!

It's been very cold again during the night and the little nature pool in the raised bed has been getting a covering of ice.

This pretty terracotta wall-planter is beside the patio door. It has a houseleek living in it at the moment, although it's not easy to see as the soil has compressed somewhat! I think I shall probably leave it be as it seems very happy in there. Hopefully, it will eventually start to tumble over the edge of the planter :-)
The forecast is predicting the return of wet weather later in the week *sigh* Still, at least it does feel as if spring may be just around the corner now.....


Sharon said...

It does look like spring is trying to come to your house! Nary a sign here. We are having rain today and then the cold front will come in tonight and change it to ice or snow. It just seems like spring is a long way off here.

Nice trellis for your clematis, bet it looks beautiful when it's in bloom! It's nice to have a pretty hen house!

Stay warm!

Sharon said...

Sadly yesterday's springlike day was only a teaser, it would appear! Today it's back to cold, grey, damp and miserable *sigh* Still, it is only the 1st February I suppose LOL