Friday, 18 February 2011

My head is full of dolls and waves!

Have you been wondering what I've been up to this week to keep me so quiet, sweetie~pies?? Well, here is the answer: I've been playing with my fashion dolls ;-) Actually, when I say playing what I really mean is that I finally girded my loins and got on with the task of sorting them out. Oh my loves ~ the power I had in my hot little hands over who gets to stay and who is found a new home! hehehehe

The photo above is of all the little darlings once they had been released from their cardboard prisons. Quite a few to make decisions about, no??

But, my loves, I had a system.....of sorts ;-) One box for the keepers, another for the can't-quite-make-up-my-mind pile and a third for those to be re-homed *giggle* Good system, eh!

And this, sweetie~pies, is what I ended up with after Project Ruthless Dolly Sort-Out: Round One :-D The two boxes ~ of course ;-) ~ are those I was inclined to keep, the dolls in the middle were the can't-make-up-my-mind pile and the remaining box was for the definitely-to-be-rehomed group.
I shall be continuing the saga ~ oh yes, my loves, I am still sorting and deciding! ~ over at A Doll~Shaped Heart in due course :-)

I shall be telling you about this recently-delivered package over there, too, but just had to share this photo with you all on here! No wonder I have a 'reputation' at the local sorting office.....

I also found time for a little hair experimentation. This is the result of eight braids, slept in overnight. I can't manage to braid more than eight lengths on my own hair as it makes my back and shoulders ache too much. My hair has a natural kink to it, rather than being wavy, and it rather likes to do its own thing LOL That's why I tend to braid it into submission ;-) I was hoping to show you how much it has grown, my loves, but I was standing too close to the mirror! Suffice to say that my hair is now the longest it has ever been in my whole life ~ and I'm a happy bunny :-)

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all4dolls said...

I have been doing the same thing over the last several months. I'm close to being done!