Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Prayer for World Peace

No, I haven't got ahead of myself my loves! I just thought that since there have been one or two comments recently about the prayer I post each Sunday, I would briefly mention why I post it :-)

A few years back I came across a blog writer who posted a weekly 'prayer for world peace' which I thought was a wonderful idea so I decided to do likewise. I searched for an appropriate picture for the weekly prayer and came across this beautiful dove, which was just perfect for what I wanted.

For a long time I would search online for an appropriate prayer each week until one day I came across the one I now post every Sunday. As soon as I read what Jane Goodall had written, I just knew that I would never find a prayer which encompasses so completely what 'peace' means to me. I was also struck by how Dr Goodall's prayer is not 'religion-specific', which I felt was important. I wanted my readers to be able to reflect upon the words without ~ perhaps ~ being put off by a religious bias which they may not share. (Regular readers will be all too aware of my own spiritual struggles!).

And that, sweetie~pies, is how I came to post my weekly Prayer for World Peace. It is something that I shall continue to do until the day I stop blogging and hopefully this little drop in the ocean of world-wide prayers will one day contribute to lasting peace throughout our beautiful planet.....

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