Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The teddies

In my post yesterday introducing you to Jane, I briefly mentioned the two teddies I have had since I was a baby. Well, sweetie~pies, here they are: Arthur and Fred :-) As you can see, they are both 'well-loved' and in recent years, I had to re-stuff the pair of them; Arthur (the white teddy) closely resembled some poor creature one might see on the road having been run over by a truck, whilst poor Fred had become flat in the opposite direction i.e. from side-to-side as opposed to back-to-front! Both the teddies lost their eyes at some stage in my childhood, although I did give Arthur a new pair ~ quite why I thought white eyes would be a good idea escapes me LOL

'Tis a funny thing about 'ole Fred, my loves ~ I can't remember him as anything other than squished! When I was a child, both teddies were included in my games with all my dolls and poor Fred was always the 'disabled child' since he couldn't sit upright and his head flopped to one side. When I re-stuffed him a few years back, I discovered that he was filled with some kind of nasty, dusty, woody straw-like stuffing ~ most peculier for a small child's toy! Arthur, on the other hand, was filled with the old-fashioned kapok stuffing. Now they are both nicely plumped out with modern stuffing ;-) Mind you, Fred's head still keep flopping to one side! One of these day, I will give him a new pair of button eyes, too :-)

Arthur and Fred both spend their days relaxing on Adrian and my bed, guarding my brooch cushion LOL One day I will get round to making them some clothes to help protect their threadbare fur ~ they're not looking too bad for being 50 years old, though :-)

Here, my loves, is a photo of Arthur in his glory days ~ with your's truly, of course. I don't have any photos of Fred when he was young, which is a shame as I can't remember what he must have originally looked like. They are both still very much loved members of my family and I would never willingly part with them :-)

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Amazing you still have them and have such fond memories.