Thursday, 10 February 2011

What a difference a day makes!

Tuesday was a really lovely day and it turned out nice yesterday in the end, but today we are back to dull, grey, wet and gloomy weather. Oh well, sweetie~pies, I'm sure that spring is just around the corner :-)

I let the big girls out and all three decided to dust-bathe in the same somewhat small area! I don't know what gets into their little chicken heads at times, really I don't LOL

Mind you all thoughts of dust-bathing were swiftly banished from their minds when they spotted me walking from the feed store, carrying the blue tub which the dried mealworms are kept in ;-) They all rushed over to me, getting tangled up in my feet in the process! Boy oh boy do my girls love mealworms ~ the big girls and the two little bantams go mad for them :-)

See this spinky-spider my loves? Well I was such a brave person the other day as I actually managed to sit at the computer whilst Mr Spinky-Spider was sitting on the ceiling! I must confess, though, that I did have to keep turning round to check on where he was LOL By the time Adrian got home that evening, Mr Spinky-Spider had disappeared so now I don't know where he is, which is a tad disconcerting *eeeeek*

Ooooh, that's better isn't it my loves ~ a sweet photo of my precious pooch warming her back in the sun :-) That should banish all thoughts of creepy spinkies, eh ;-)

And here she is again ~ on a different day in the same spot. She was starting to nod off to sleep, bless her little cotton socks, until your's truly stood in her beam of sunlight to take yet another photo ~ naughty Mummy!


Jennifer said...

It's so cold where I live that this post made me feel warm...your dog is beautiful!!! is she an afgan mix? my dogs bailey and ozzy like resting on the sunspots too....have a nice day, I enjoyed your post.... :O)

Sharon said...

Oh why didn't you get the vacuum cleaner out and suck that spider right up (down). Spiders give me the willies!The hens seem to be enjoying themselves! :-) Love your beautiful faced pooch! So elegant!

Sharon said...

Thank you for taking time to leave comments, ladies (((hugs)))

Jennifer, Amber is a greyhound who we adopted from an animal shelter when she was about a year old. She had been dumped, probably because she didn't make the grade as a racer. We've had her since 2000 :-)

I have to admit, Sharon, that spiders make me feel uneasy too ~ but I am waaaay better now than I used to be LOL