Thursday, 17 March 2011

Corners of my home...and another chicken!

Sweetie~pies, I have a little deer park on the landing windowsill!

These cute little creatures are a mixture of Hornsea, Sylvac and Eastgate.

More deer ~ this time on a corner shelf on the landing :-) They are mostly "foreign" or unmarked, except for the sweet little group in front of the clock which are ~ obviously! ~ Wade. The pretty cups and saucers belonged to Adrian's Nan :-)

This niche is above the stairs. I've wanted to fill it with "something" for what seems like forever! The shelves haven't yet been painted as I'm waiting until I decide what colour to paint the hall, stairs and landing.....whenever that might be ;-)

The pie funnel in the middle belonged to my Grandma, sweetie~pies, as did the egg cups. I love that I have some physical links back to my relatives; each time I look at the pieces I have, I am reminded of whoever they had belonged to previously :-)

The vase and owl eggcup belonged to Grandma, who was my Dad's mother. The pretty hare eggcup belonged to my Great Grandad, who I never knew; he was my Mum's Grandad :-)

I just adore tapestry pictures, my loves, especially of flowers! I bought this one as I thought the background rather nicely echoed a print we have hanging on the landing ~ when I remember I will take a photo of said print to show you all ;-) Just think of all those stitches and how long it must have taken to create!

And here is my latest chicken ~ a lovely gift from an equally lovely friend who came for lunch a couple of weeks back :-) Oh, did you think I meant a real chicken, my loves??? Goodness me no, I don't think my real walking, talking, feathery little girls would be too keen on a new addition to the flock ~ oh no, I don't think they would like that in the slightest!


Jennifer said...

I enjoyed looking at all your pretties...very nice. :o)

Sharon said...

Oh, I just love your corner shelves! Painting them will be interesting though. You have such pretty things and remembrances!


Sharon said...

Thank you so much, ladies ~ I have a passion for little bits 'n' bobs :-)

Sharon, I think I may try spray-painting those rather intricate shelves when the time comes!