Saturday, 12 March 2011

A gorgeous morning!

The sun is shining, sweetie~pies, and even though it is pretty breezy it is still nice and warm at the moment :-)

The girls had to wait until Adrian had put away the log delivery before they could be let out for their daily perambulate around their little kingdom ~ and my word, what a fuss they were making the whole time he was log-stacking!

I rather think they were pondering the question of whether or not the camera might have been edible ;-)

This pair of dollies are soon going to live with the little granddaughter of a Flickr friend ~ here they are waiting for a bath before their journey.

This little lady has a soft cloth body and so in an effort to keep her as dry as possible, I wrapped her in a carrier-bag ~ good thinking, eh ;-)

And here they are, both clean and smelling sweet, drying off in the spring sunshine :-)
They were both only mildly grubby so didn't take much cleaning. What did take some time though, my loves, was sorting out their hair! Thank goodness for Johnson's detangling spray LOL

I washed their dresses, too, ready for them to wear on their journey to their new home.

While the dolly-bathing was going on, dinner for Adrian and I was gently simmering away in the slow-cooker ~ and boy did it make me feel hungry! Still, a nice bacon sarnie for lunch hit the right spot ;-)

I'm looking forward to dinner tonight ~ don't you just love slow-cookers!


Sharon said...

Um... Johnson's Detangling Spray? It works on doll hair???

That stew looks mighty tempting! I guess I need to think about what I will pick up for our supper!

Today promises to be another gorgeous one too! Then the rain and clouds will be back, so I am going to enjoy today!

Sharon said...

Oh yes indeedy ~ it works a treat on doll hair! Makes it smooth and shiny ~ plus really helps with detangling. The dark-haired doll had really matted hair before I washed and sprayed it. It isn't perfect but is SO much better than before!

The stew was yummy :-D

'Tis dull and grey here again today and the temperature is due to drop considerably, apparently. Still, it is only March ;-)

Jennifer said...

I'm waiting for a really nice sunny warmer day, your last post gave me hope! the stew looks so yummy and I love slow cooking as well. I think your friends grandaughter is going to love her new dolls! Have a nice day!