Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Spring is on the way!

It's another gorgeous sunny day here today, just as it was yesterday sweetie~pies :-) I do believe that spring is at last on its way!

I've been continuing with my mega sorting out/tidying up exercise and since I now have my recent baby and toddler dolly clothes acquisitions all in one place, I decided that today would be a good day to get them washed. To be fair, almost everything was obviously freshly laundered but I still like to wash anything new myself ;-) 'Tis rather like having little ones in the house again LOL Goodness knows what my neighbours must think ~ and I have a huge pile of Barbie doll-type clothes to wash yet!

The big girls are enjoying the fine weather, too. Miss Babs here was a might grumpy this morning, though. I caught her having a nap, although how she found a cold concrete slab comfy is anyone's guess, my loves! She really gave me the evil eye and I wondered whether she was going to lay her first egg of the season. She just got up and wandered off for another scratch around in the soil after a while, with no egg to be seen. We have had our first couple of 'new season' eggs from Imogen and Martha (the bantams), though :-)

Grumpy 'ole Babs wasn't what you would describe as thrilled that Prudence was scratching around near her either, sweetie~pies, which made me feel better knowing that her bad mood wasn't just for my benefit!

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Sharon said...

Those little clothes are going to smell so fresh and lovely! I wish it was more Spring like here, just gloomy and very windy!