Monday, 21 March 2011

*Swoon*.....I think I'm in love!

This, my loves, is the frankly delectable Miss Helga von Trollop ~ of whose delightfulness I have only just become aware. I think I am in love ;-)

Should you, too, be enamoured of vintage styles ~ with a twist ~ then I would urge you to gallop over to Helga's blog as fast as your little fingers will press the keys. Then you too can bask in the glory of her wardrobe!

Helga, my loves, puts together vintage clothes, shoes and accessories in the most delightful way that I have ever come across in my whole blog-hopping life. And trust me, I have hopped around a fair few blogs over the years!

I first came across Helga and her fantastic wardrobe whilst browsing a group on Flickr. In all my excitement, I have quite forgotten which group it was unfortunately! However, I have not forgotten what it was that I found so attractive about her ~ quite apart from her outfits, of course. To put it simply, Helga is a "proper" woman with a shapely figure.....

.....and legs to die for! She makes those vintage treasures look wonderful and I absolutely adore the way she adds the most wonderful twists to her outfits. Just look at those fabulous yellow tights with the equally fantastic red shoes in the photo above!

I was so thrilled when I started looking at Helga's blog that I have spent the last few days returning to it time-after-time. Oh dear, does that make me sound like some kind of mad blog-stalker??? I do hope not, because that isn't what I am about in the slightest! It's just that after spending a lifetime being a rather conventional sort of woman, I have finally found the courage to let the inner unique, unconventional me out into the light of day.

And I truly do have Helga to thank for showing me that it's okay to be yourself ~ even if that doesn't "fit in" with those around you. You already know how I have wasted so much time and energy trying to fit myself into various boxes, none of which are right for me, so I won't take you down that old path yet again ;-)

I think that Helga looks wonderful in the photo above! This and the one below are my most favourite of the luscious Miss von Trollop that I have seen thus far :-) Oh, and talking of photos.....I did ask for permission to copy-and-paste these from her blog. The thing is, though, that I asked if I could copy two or three for this post but when it came down to it, I had such a hard job choosing that I ended up copying all these.....I do hope that she won't mind!

There is absolutely nothing whatsoever about these two outfits that I dislike ~ no, not one single thing! I adore each and every item of clothing that she is wearing, from her head-down-to-her-toes :-)

So you as you can see, my loves, I am most definitely ~ absolutely ~ positively head-over-heels in love with Helga's gorgeous sense of style. She has become my number one style icon and I now find that I just can't help myself thinking "ooooh, I bet Helga would just love this" each time I come across a particularly wonderful piece of vintage clothing!

There is just one teensy wee downside to all this.....I have developed yet another collecting obsession ~ oooops I think I should have typed "passion" there ;-) I was, it's fair to say sweetie~pies, already well on the way with vintage handbags but my "collection" of vintage/retro clothes consisted of just two items ~ both of which came my way from my Mum LOL

Sadly I don't reside in Dr Who's Tardis, so I shall have to grit my teeth and make some BIG DECISIONS as to which of my other collections to downsize or even ~ gasp ~ eliminate altogether! Watch this space for future developments.....


Helga! said...

Freakin' hell,love,my head has swelled to the most enormous proprtions!!! EEK!
Thank you sooo much for the wonderful compliments! Hurrah! Nothing like some loveliness to brighten a girls day!
You rock!

Sharon said...

LOL I'm glad you approve ~ even if I did copy waaay more photos that I originally asked for ;-D

I can quite safely say that up to now I haven't "met" anyone in my blog-travelling who has inspired me so much that I just HAD to write a whole post about 'em! I found myself swooning and drooling over damn near each and every photo of you in your fantastic wardrobe. It was like I'd finally found the look and style I had been searching for all my flippin life. So thank you, sweetie ~ you're a positive star in my eyes!

Sharon said...

Helga most definitely has a flair! She wears it so well too!

Jennifer said...

Hi Sharon! this was such a fun post! Helga looks awesome and I love all those outfits! and the colors and fabrics are gorgous...I enjoyed this :o) Thank you for entering my giveaway and I added you to the basket, Good Luck! Hugs, Jennifer