Monday, 14 March 2011

Try, try, trying again

So, my loves, here I go again on yet another weight-reduction exercise! Oh yes, I know I keep vacillating (ooooh, isn't that a fab word sweetie~pies!) on this issue: first I say I'm going to lose weight, then I say to hell with it, I just need to love and accept me for the way I am. But the truth of the matter is that I really do need to shed most ~ if not ALL ~ of my excess weight for the good of my health. And I need to do it NOW before my health suffers even more.

The closer I get to the big 5-0, sweetie~pies, the more unhealthy and unfit I am becoming. My joints are feeling the strain terribly and I fear for the damage I am doing to myself. I worry about my back problems and am concerned that I may develop Type II diabetes in the same way that some of my close relatives who are/were overweight have done. My blood-pressure could be much better, too ~ despite the fact that I am taking medication to help control it. And whilst I realise that it shouldn't be an issue, I still don't wear the clothes I would really like to simply because I don't feel either comfortable or attractive in them.

Never fear, my loves, I'm not going to do anything drastic ~ no crash diets or surgical intervention of any description! ~ just start a simple healthy eating plan coupled with exercise. I had already worked out in my head what my new eating and exercise plan should look like, when by coincidence I came across these articles on the Virgin media homepage:

I was suitably tickled to find that Dr Steele's advice confirmed what I basically already knew ~ and let's face facts, sweetie~pies, by my age I really should know and understand what needs to be done to enable one to live a fit and healthy life!

I am going to be open and honest about the highs and lows in this quest to reduce my excess weight, my loves, and will be giving you regular updates on my progress ~ whether you want them or not ;-) I started out at 315.5 pounds and in view of this, I have decided to concentrate on smaller goals rather than have the big (if you'll excuse the pun!) picture constantly dangling in front of me ~ which would be just too overwhelming and depressing, quite frankly! Of course, I do know what my ultimate aim is but since I also know that reaching that point will, in all honesty, most likely take me two or three years to achieve, there really is no point in constantly dwelling on it. Far better to have smaller goals to reach for, methinks :-)

So my first goal is to reduce my excess weight by 63.5 pounds ~ which, let's face it sweetie~pies, is still a pretty large amount to aim for! I know that shedding those pounds will make me feel so much better both physically and mentally. I am sure that those feelings of well-being will help to spur me further onwards with my weight reduction campaign!

I hesitated to suggest this, my loves, as I wasn't sure how it would be received but if any of you are also struggling with issues of excess weight then you are very welcome to leave comments. Perhaps we could cheer each other on and offer support during those more difficult times! If you would like to comment but feel shy about posting your weight, then just leave that part out ;-) Anyhoo, sweetie~pies, the door is open to any of you who would like to join my mutual-support party :-)

Oooooh, before I may have noticed that I have added a weight-loss ticker at the top of my home page ~ and that it already shows a reduction! To be honest, I haven't really started my new eating and exercise plan "properly". The 1.75 pounds I have dropped this week is simply the result of cutting waaaay back on the naughty nibbles I usually consume! And the reason, my loves, that I have not been nibbling anywhere near so much as I would normally is due to the fact that I have been rather occupied with a new project :-) Which suggests that not only is your's truly a comfort-eater but she is also a munching-out-of-boredom eater too!

I rather think that plenty of projects will be going hand-in-hand with my new eating and exercise plan.....


Sharon said...

Hi Sharon, this is Sharon :-) I too, need to lose weight, how much - I have no clue. After I started to "eat right and exercise", an old friend sent me 3 pkgs of Halvah (loaded with calories) and then DH bought me an assorted cheesecake (different flavor wedges to comprise a whole 10" cheesecake), he doesn't eat it. What is a girl to DO? My main goal is to lose 10% of what I weigh now, but I weigh different every day, and I have to weigh every morning to see what's happening with my edema. I can't fill up with water, instead of food, because it goes straight to my legs, feet and hands. I wish I could go to one of those fat farms and get the exercise I need, the proper food, and have a doctor close at hand - IF we could afford it. I am my own Club Med and doing lousy.

I congratulate you on your quest, I hope you do well, I really mean it. You are still young! You have that on your side and should be able to kick that metabolism right in the butt! Get in shape now, well, over the next few years and don't wait till you are 65!

I will be watching you! ;-)

Sharon said...

I hear you on the folks bringing/sending "naughty" food ~ my Mum is the worst for doing this to me, and she is very overweight too *sigh* It's difficult, especially if like me one has the willpower of a gnat LOL

But it's never too late, Sharon, and I think your goal of losing 10% of what you weigh is ideal. "They" reckon that just by losing that relatively small amount (in the scheme of things!), we can improve our health and well-being immensely ~ so it is a well worthwhile exercise :-) I can see that your edema is making your quest much more difficult. I was wondering, if you are having to weigh yourself each day, if you could perhaps add up those amounts once a week then divide by 7 to give yourself an average weekly weight? That might perhaps you give some idea of how you are doing, sweetie.

I guess we just have to experiment to discover the ways and means which will help us in our weight-reduction goal; I'm sure that over time we can both make a difference to our health and well-being!