Monday, 4 April 2011

Ebay store ~ new listings!

More listings, my loves! 

We found these Chu-Bop bubble gum packets during the Great Loft Clearance, sweetie~pies.  Adrian brought them back from the USA waaaaay back in 1980, after he'd been to visit his sister who was working over there.  So far, these are what I have got listed but there are just over 30 altogether!

I did a quick search to see if I could find out anything about them.  Apparently they were made as novelty items by the Amurol Confection Company, Naperville, Illinois in the early 1980s through to sometime in 1983 and apparently nine series were produced during that time. Each 3"x3" "mini album" had the picture of a LP on the front, with a piece of bubble gum shaped as a record album inside. Each Chu-Bop mini album was numbered on the back and opened to reveal the lyrics to a hit song.  It appears that they are quite collectable! 

Anyhoo, my loves, if anything catches your eye just click on the photo to be taken to the item in question ~ and click here to be taken to my store, should the fancy take you ;-)


Sharon said...

I don't remember them at all, guess I was up to my armpits in kids!

Sharon said...

Or perhaps you weren't a big bubblegum fan LOL I must admit that I was never "into" the stuff myself ~ nor chewing-gum, for that matter, either! I expect it was a craze for youngsters at the time. My sister-in-law was living and working in the Chicago area and Adrian went over to visit her. He can't remember now if he actually bought them himself or if his sister gave them to him :-)