Thursday, 7 April 2011

Handmade cards...


Hello there, sweetie~pies!  I thought I would show you some of the fabulous cards my daughter makes, using the Prick and Stitch method :-) 

If you click here you will be taken to Beverly's Facebook page where she has lots of her creations for sale ;-)


As I mentioned already, my loves, Beverly makes these lovely cards using the Prick and Stitch method.  She downloads a pattern and then pricks it out by hand onto the selected card, using a craft needle.  She is also starting to create her own patterns :-)

Once she has finished the pricking out, Beverly then choses the thread she is going to use to create the design on the front of the card :-)

Beverly started making the cards simply as a hobby ~ but we all know where that leads, don't we sweetie~pies LOL  In the end, she had made far too many just for using herself so decided to start putting them up for sale on her Facebook page.  She has now taken the plunge and is testing the waters on Ebay with the scooter card pictured above :-)


Jennifer said...

Wow! the cards are so neat and unique. I have never seen this done before, the happy Birthday card is my favorite! Your daughter does beautiful work. :o)

Beverly said...

Thank you very much Jennifer - the more cards I do, the neater I seem to get too lol