Tuesday, 5 April 2011

In the garden over the weekend

As you know, sweetie~pies, my back garden rather resembles Steptoe's Yard but I do have some plants and shrubs out there which look very pretty at this time of year.  It's just a case of very careful photography and cropping where necessary ;-) 

This spirea is in the raised bed near the patio door and at this time of year is it just gorgeous.  It is delightful again this year, full of blooms and with a heavenly honey scent.  It has really settled down well in this bed and obviously likes living there.  At some point I shall be altering the bed somewhat, as I want to make a larger nature pool in it ~ I shall have to be careful not to damage or disturb the beautiful Miss Spirea in the process, though!  I may do to it what I've done to quite a few of my shrubs, my loves, which is to remove the lowest branches to give them a short stem.  I find it makes it much easier to weed around the shrubs by doing this :-)

I do love bleeding hearts; they are so graceful and remind me of little fairy lanterns bobbing in the breeze :-)  These white ones live beside the spirea ~ I have a lovely pink one in the front garden which I must try to remember to take a photo of to show you, sweetie~pies.

Those pesky slugs and snails have been munching on my rhubarb!  Still, at least it was only the leaves ~ I guess I can share those with the little blighters ;-)

It just shows how little progress we have made out the back ~ this daffodil bloomed here last year too LOL  I am going to try to save the bulb and replant it when we get round to tackling this part of the garden.  It really is the least I can do, sweetie~pies, since the little love has been so obliging about flowering!

Ah, my faithful butterfly bush!  Nothing daunts this fella ~ I chop him down really hard and he soon starts to shoot again.  I cut him back last autumn after some nasty kind of aphid took a like to him; he started to send out new leaves soon after the "hair-cut" and held on to them all through the winter :-)  This is one of the shrubs that I've given a "trunk" to, by the way.

My Mum had a handful of pansies leftover last autumn and gave them to me.  I must confess that I was somewhat tardy in planting the poor little mites and really didn't expect them to come through the winter.  But here they are, sweetie~pies, all starting to bloom ~ isn't Mother Nature wonderful!

The girls do like to scratch and peck about, even on the concrete!  Goodness knows what they find to munch on but it's quite obviously extremely yummy in their opinion :-)

Miss Prudence here was most definitely a chicken on a mission when I took this photo of her.  She marched right over my feet in her single-minded determination to reach her destination LOL

My loves, I have no idea what Miss Abigail was thinking about doing but methinks I almost caught her red-handed!  She obviously decided to wait until I had moved away before continuing with whatever her quest was ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Mother Nature is indeed a wonderful thing. Love your chickens.