Saturday, 9 April 2011

Just a typical day in the life of my girls...

Prudence: "Follow me girls ~ do keep up Babs, I'm in charge now!"
Prudence: "ooooh, hello ~ what you doing Mum??"

Me: "look at the mess you're making!"
Babs: "face?? bothered??"
Abigail: "I do like to keep my feathers in tip-top condition, you know"

Me: "what you doing Abigail??"
Abigail: "oh, nothing, nothing at all for you to worry about Mum...just thinking my deep and meaningful chickeny thoughts, that's all"

Abigail: "like I always say, you can't ever possibly be bored if you have a good supply of broken flowerpots to poke about in!"

Abigail: "look Mum, I can stand on one leg!"
Me: "oh well done my clever little chickadee!"

Babs: "what did she say Mum??? Hey Prudence, I think Abigail is talking about us behind our backs!"

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