Saturday, 9 April 2011

The last of the fashion dolls.....

What's that, my loves??  Do I hear you all breathing a collective sigh of relief ;-)

Oh how I do love these repro Barbies, sweetie~pies!  They are so different to the modern style dolls.  It's really very interesting to see how Barbie has evolved over the years :-)

Starting with the girl in the green knitted suit, we have: Mae; Eileen; Claudia

These wonderful dolls are pretty old by the looks of them and as you can see, the two redheads are very much in need of a good deal of TLC! 

Starting with the young lady in the pink gown, we have: Marcia; Stephanie; Griselda

Beautiful Miss Felicity here was my very first Gene Marshall doll :-)  I very much like these 16" fashion dolls, my loves.

Vanessa was my next 16" fashion doll.  She is ~ as I am sure you already know! ~ a Violet Waters doll.

And here is the last member of my fashion doll collection :-)  This is Agatha, who is a Tonner Ultra Basic (Daphne).  She is very lovely, not least because of all her posable joints, which does make her nicely photogenic! 

I still have all my other dollies to sort through but that will have to wait for another day.....what do you mean "thank goodness for that"???  ;-D

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