Wednesday, 6 April 2011

More fashion dolls

Well, sweetie~pies, here I am at long last with more photos of my fashion dolls!  I had better warn you that there are still more to come ~ but I shall save them for another day, my loves LOL

I was really undecided about this group of My Scene girls but in the end they have stayed ~ for the time being, at any rate ;-)

So starting with the little lady in the long pink dress, we have : Anna; Daisy; Juliet; Laurel; Rosanna; Samantha; Wendy; Virginia; Zoe; Estelle.

There were never any doubts over whether or not the Tammys would be staying ~ of course they are!  I just love them :-)

Starting with the dolly in the blue dress we have: Elspeth; Dilys; Gwenda; Lois.

I know that some folk think that Dusty is ugly but I beg to differ ;-) I have heard her described as 'homely' ~ which is way better than 'ugly' but I think she is rather lovely.  There is most definitely something very appealing about these happy little ladies and I like them very much indeed ~ even with their melt issues :-)

Starting with the jolly young lady in the pink sundress we have: Kitty; Ingrid; June.

There was never any doubt about keeping my one and only Judy Littlechap doll either ~ I really love her!  She is beautifully made, very statuesque :-)

I have renamed her Lillian :-)

I debated about these Dollikins for quite some time, to be honest my loves, but in the end they have stayed as you can see ;-)

Starting with the girl in the yellow knitted dress, we have: Alice; Billie; Elsa.

Mary Make-Up isn't my most favourite doll if I'm being honest, sweetie~pies, but since I only have this one I decided to keep her, too :-) This is Evelyn.

I think this little lady is a Mary Poppins Doll :-) She's in need of a fair bit of TLC but I do like her very much. Her name is Lucille.

These are all Mattel dolls, Barbies I guess. If any of you know exactly "who" they are, my loves, I would be very grateful for help with identification please :-)

Starting with the girl in the green checked dress, we have: Bridget; Ellen; Patsy

These are all Mattel dolls too but again, I would be very grateful for any help with identification please!

Starting with the girl in the long yellow gown, we have: Moira; Pearl; Nancy; Laura

Yet more Mattel dolls ~ help with identification greatly received sweetie~pies!

Starting with the girl in the long pink gown, we have: Julia; Josie; Holly; Coral

Yes, you guessed it ~ Mattel dolls in need of some identification, although I believe the dolly in the yellow knitted dress is Belle, as in Beauty and the Beast :-)

Starting with the girl in the yellow knitted dress, we have: Beatrice; Annabel; Edith; Joanna

Yet more unknown-to-me Mattel dolls, my loves!  I'm beginning to think that perhaps I should have done a post solely on these Mattels ;-)

Starting with the girl in the blue dress, we have: Polly; Melanie; Lynette

And these, sweetie~pies, are the only boys I decided to keep.  I didn't like the others enough for them to stay.

So here we have: James (naturally!); Jonathan; Eric.

I had a good 'ole rummage in that big bag of clothes but could only come up with a tiny handful of boy's items! I managed to get these three kitted out with trousers/shorts but neither of the 'boy' tops I have fitted any of them. These chaps are obviously better-built than whoever the other tops were made for LOL

More dolls to come another day, my loves.....

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