Thursday, 14 April 2011

A sister for Jane!

This, my loves, is Ginger ~ Jane's new sister :-)  Isn't she sweet!  Poor Ginger was terribly dirty when she arrived and looked a little sad.  She soon perked up though when she realised that I was going to give her a lovely bath in the kitchen sink.

I think that this photo shows more clearly just how grubby Ginger was ~ I don't believe that the poor little mite had ever had a wash in her whole life!  I got out all of my dolly spa bits 'n' pieces and set to with gusto on the "clean up Ginger" project ;-)

Don't be alarmed, sweetie~pies! I took off Ginger's leg so that I could drain out all the water which had seeped inside during the cleaning process. Had I found that I couldn't remove a limb very easily, then I wouldn't have submerged her in the water :-)  I have to say that it is waaaay easier to clean a dolly than a real baby LOL

You can see the difference between her still-dirty face and the rest of her in this photo!

Ta daa ~  here she is, a lovely clean, sweet-smelling baby dolly, complete with both legs in their rightful places ;-)

I had to use my non-stick saucepan scouring-pad to get the dirt and grime removed from Ginger, along with copious squirts of Ecover multi-purpose cleaner! Her eyes were very dusty, too, so I gently cleaned round them with a very soft toothbrush which did an extremely good job.

All in all, I was very pleased with how well Ginger has turned out after her dolly spa session. Then it was off to raid Jane's cupboard to find her something to wear :-)





Ginger loved the dress I was able to find for her, which was just as well as it was the only one of Jane's which was small enough for her!  All the others are too big so I shall be looking in the charity shops in town for baby clothes in newborn size :-)

And here are the two sisters sitting together on "Jane's" chair.  It looks like Jane is very happy to have a sister after all these years ~ she has even given Ginger one of her teddies :-) 

Little do the girls know that they have another surprise soon ~ even more new sisters to join the family!

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