Wednesday, 13 April 2011

We had a glorious weekend...

.....but it's back to grey, cool and overcast again here in the UK *sigh*  Oh well, it isn't even quite mid-April yet, so I guess we can't expect it to be constantly sunny and warm ;-)  I expect it won't be too long before I am complaining about how hot and humid it is LOL

This just has to be one of Amber's most favourite activities ~ if you can call soaking up the sun an "activity" LOL  Our garden doesn't have any lawn so you can imagine how warm it gets out there ~ the paving acts very much like storage-heaters!  I often have to chivvy the silly doggie into the house to cool down ~ much like I have to make her move away from the wood-burner in the cold weather :-)

The first time I saw Babs doing this I was very worried ~ I thought she was ill!  But no, my loves, it would appear that she, too, likes to do a spot of sunbathing :-)  She stretches out her wing and lifts up a leg so that her underside is exposed to the sun and will lay there for a few minutes with her eyes closed and a blissful expression on her cute little chickeny face.  She is very sensible, though, and only lays out in the heat of the sun's rays for a few minutes at a time ;-)

Our neighbours gave us this apple tree last year; they had originally given it as a gift to Alan's mother but she no longer wanted it.  It is absolutely full of pretty blossom and I really hope that we get apples from it in due course.

I spotted ~ ha, ha ~ this sweet little ladybird on my currant bush and it, too, looked like it was doing a spot of sunbathing LOL  I tried to take a photo of the pretty yellow flowers on the currant but I couldn't seem to get a good picture ~ you can sort of make them out in the background of this one!

A little corner of the raised bed near the house, where I have one of my two tiny nature pools.  I just thought how pretty it looked with all that lush greenery and new growth :-)

And this, sweetie~pies, is Amber's latest hiding place beneath the dining-table.  What, I hear you ask, can she possibly be hiding from??  Well I shall tell you: flies!  Yes, my loves, you did indeed read that correctly: my doggie hides from flies!  I'm pleased to be able to report, though, that she is not alone in this strange behaviour ~ I have been told by other doggie-owners that their pooches, too, hide from the pesky little blighters.  I wonder what it is that makes our doggie friends act in this odd way.....

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Sharon said...

It does look like you are full on, into Spring! Gorgeous photos! Amber really looks relaxed, never have noticed a chicken laying like that, I would have checked it out too! :-) Getting their dose of vitamin D perhaps? Our cat likes to be under the table too - we have a pedestal table, no room for dogs :-) Of course, the don't want to disturb the "Queen", lol!