Friday, 6 May 2011

61 Stove Street, Hazelton

A miniatures project at long last, sweetie~pies!  I bought this kit recently from The Dolls House Emporium when they were having one of their special offers, which made it much more affordable and a tad less guilt-inducing ;-)  The other rather good thing about DHE is that if you spend over £100 (easy to do if you are buying a dolls' house kit!), then you can spread the cost over four months, interest-free!  So I took advantage of that too LOL  I loved this house as soon as DHE brought it out so I was thrilled when Adrian agreed that I could get it at last ~ I think the special offer and interest-free instalments helped sway his mind, my loves ;-)

I love that this house has rooms at the front and the back ~ just like in a real home.  And isn't the loft space fantastic too!  I have bought a turn-table ring to help with accessing all the opening sides and have decided where I shall be displaying the house ~ on a table in the living room where I currently have a pile of dollies, so they will have to be found a new little nook :-)

I have so many ideas swirling about in my head for my new house, sweetie~pies, and now that I have at last cleared off the dining table, I can make a start on building it!  Of course, it would have been a better idea to carry out my home building in The Shed but unfortunately it is a teensy wee bit er.....messy in there at the moment!  I would like to make one or two slight alterations to the house, mostly involving the loft space, so I'm hoping that they will be easy to accomplish.       

And this, my loves, is the Greene family who will eventually be living at 61 Stove Avenue, Hazelton.

Rachel and Vincent have three children, as you can see ;-) Verity and Thomas are 10 year old twins and little Meredith is 18 months old. The family have recently moved to Hazelton from another Minikin town, as Vincent was promoted to Manager of the town's Hennigans supermarket store. In case you didn't know, Hennigans are a widespread supermarket chain throughout the Minikin world!  At the moment they are living in a rented flat but are very much looking forward to moving into their new home as soon as the necessary "renovations" have been done.  The flat is fairly spacious and is nice enough but isn't the ideal place to live with boisterous twins and a toddler!

Rachel is a stay-at-home Mum but before she had the twins she was a receptionist at a GP surgery. She was thinking of returning to work part-time once Verity and Thomas moved up to senior school, but that has been put on hold for a few more years following the birth of little Meredith. The pregnancy was unplanned and it was something of a surprise to Rachel and Vincent when they discovered they were going to be parents again!

You will be learning more about the family as time goes by.....whether you want to or not :-D

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Maria Ireland said...

Hello I have just found your lovely blog. I love this house though i havent got it ( yet ) :D. I am looking forward to seeing what you do to it. :) Greetings Maria