Wednesday, 4 May 2011

As one door closes...

 another opens :-)

This, my loves, is Daisy ~ the newest member of our family.  She arrived a couple of weeks ago and the photo above was taken on the day we got her.  She didn't come out of the cat-carrier at all that first day!  

She previously belonged to the son of a friend who shouldn't really have had any pets in the flat where he lives.  She is about two years old and has never been vaccinated nor has she been spayed ~ and she has lived her whole life in the flat.   

Daisy soon discovered a hiding place in our getting around the side, then underneath, the kitchen cabinets!  Adrian and I cursed somewhat as we removed the base-boards from said cabinets but it was actually a blessing in disguise as we discovered we had a leak from the stop-cock!  Anyhoo, after the plumber had sorted that out, Adrian set about making the kitchen hide-proof LOL  

Little Miss Daisy then decided that this slender space beneath a side table in our living room would have to suffice as her hidey-hole ;-)   

She is getting braver and coming out more but is a funny little thing it has to be said.  She "talks" to us a lot but is still rather hissy!  I guess it must all have been quite a shock to be suddenly uprooted from the home you've known since you were a kitten.  I doubt she had ever been in a cat-carrier, let alone a car, and our house is rather larger than the one-bedroomed flat she previously lived in.  So, a lot for her to get used to ~ plus, of course, two new humans to train ;-)

Daisy is a rather petite kitty and her rear-end is verging on the scrawny side ~ I wonder if she was perhaps the runt of the litter.  Still, she has a healthy appetite and uses her ~ new ~ litter box very nicely :-)

I bought her a bed, too.  It is very cosy and has a "hood" ~ she certainly spends plenty of time sleeping in it LOL  I must confess that I had rather forgotten how different cats are to dogs ~ much more self-sufficient and living to their own timetable!

Hopefully it won't take too long before Daisy feels settled and at home here with us :-)

Nothing to do with Daisy but I was so pleased with this photo that I just had to share it with you, sweetie~pies LOL

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Vintage Vixen said...

What a beautiful girl! I bet she's loving her new home. xxx