Monday, 16 May 2011

Rearranging the dining room ~ once again!

I am in the midst of rearranging the dining room yet again, sweetie~pies! Since I need the side table in the living room for my new dolls' house, I had to move the dolls which were on it and so decided that I would bring them all into the dining room and have another downsizing session at the same time ;-)

I also took the opportunity to rearrange my vintage kitchen cabinet, my loves, and have finally set out the two "new" shelves I have had up on the wall for absolutely ages! The pine shelf and the wooden brackets beneath the white one will all eventually be painted ~ probably cream or soft white. Sweetie~pies, I'm sure you will not be surprised to hear me say that this is most likely not the final arrangement ;-)  I have some little shelves in the hall to display things on too, plus I shall be rearringing the display on the dresser out there at some point LOL

I still have my blue-and-white china cabinet to sort out ~ in recent months I have added a few items to my collection, which I don't think I have shown you, so I will try to remember to photograph the new bits 'n' bobs before I rearrange the cabinet :-)  I am also going to rearrange the sideboard.  That is  plenty to keep me out of mischief don't you think my loves ~ then I will be starting on some rearranging in the living room!

I changed Jolly Molly's outfit ~ she looks nice and summery now in her pink vintage hat and rather swish feathered bolero.

I decided it would be a jolly good idea to sit Ethel~Maud up here with JM, Belinda and Bertie as Daisy has been knocking her about during the night!

The shelves in my vintage kitchen cabinet have been rearranged.  Really, all I have done is swap the shelf displays around although I have added a couple of my dolls to the cabinet too, behind the Willow Tree ornaments.  I do so love Willow Tree!  I bought the sister and brother ornament as a memento of Sam and Beverly turning 18 back in January 2009 and gave them one each, too, as part of their birthday gifts :-)    

I think the top shelf needs more "height" at the back, so I think I will look through my collection of pretty plates and place a couple  behind the saucers at some point.

One side of the cabinet.....

...and the other :-)

With the cabinet doors closed.  The photos are not terribly good, I'm afraid my loves!

I had one of my "ruthless sort-outs" of my dollies!  I have had to be a bit sensible about what I have space for, especially now that I am building this new dolls' house.  Sadly my home is not like Dr Who's Tardis LOL

I have had this little pine shelf for a number of years.  It used to hold my CD collection but wasn't really suitable, to be honest, as the CD cases were deeper than the shelves!   It also wasn't big enough to hold all my discs so they are now stored in baskets :-)  I will paint the shelf ~ at some point!

My little collection of Rosebud dolls.  You all know what a soft spot I have for Rosebuds, so they couldn't possibly be downsized :-)

And these are the dolls which used to be in the living room ~ well, some of them anyway.  I took a deep breath, my loves, and downsized this collection by almost half.  The dolls I have weeded-out will eventually be gently cleaned and put up for sale in my ebay store. 

I thought I would finish off this post with a few photos of little Miss Daisy.  She certainly likes her basket :-)

Daisy doesn't spend all her time snoozing in her bed ~ and she is getting more sociable about coming out during the day :-) She was watching Adrian making the first of the doors for the bin-store he has recently built ~ and studiously ignoring me ;-)

(You will have to excuse the grubby patio doors and sill, sweetie~pies ~ I'm afraid that I haven't got that far in my dining room project yet!)

In the end her curiosity got the better of her, so I was able to snap a photo of her pretty little face :-)

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