Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Thursday Poem

Young Woman Reading by a Window by Delphin Enjolras

The Greater Cats

The greater cats with golden eyes
Stare out between the bars,
Deserts are there, and different skies,
And night with different stars.
They prowl the aromatic hill,
And mate as fiercely as they kill,
And hold the freedom of their will
To roam, to live, to drink their fill;
But this beyond their wit know I:
Man loves a little, and for long shall die.

Their kind across the desert range
Where tulips spring from stones,
Not knowing they will suffer change
Or vultures pick their bones.
Their strength's eternal in their sight,
They rule the terror of the night,
They overtake the deer in flight,
And in their arrogance they smite;
But I am sage, if they are strong:
Man's love is transient as his death is long.

Yet oh what powers to deceive!
My wit is turned to faith,
And at this moment I believe
In love, and scout at death.
I came from nowhere, and shall be
Strong, steadfast, swift, eternally:
I am a lion, a stone, a tree
And as the Polar star in me
Is fixed my constant heart on thee.
Ah, may I stay forever blind
With lions, tigers, leopards, and their kind.

Vita Sackville-West
(9th March 1892 - 2nd June 1962)

from the book: Poem for the Day One


Helga! said...

O, my, that is lovely!!
Daisy is a darling,by the way!

Sharon said...

Daisy is still a loopy hissy little darling though! She is in season ~ a new experience for us as all our previous moggies were spayed/neutered. She will be making a trip to the vet at the end of the month ;-)