Saturday, 11 June 2011

A day out in Ely

Adrian and I had a day out in Ely on Tuesday, somewhere neither of us has ever been.  It's not all that far, only just over an hour by train.  We had a lovely day there and are planning to go back again soon as we spent most of the time in the Cathedral and didn't get to visit any other places.

Part of the painted ceiling, which was done during the Victorian era.


Just some of the beautiful stained glass windows in the Cathedral, most of which were installed during the Victorian era as well.

One of the massive pillars in the Cathedral.

St Etheldreda's Chapel.

St Etheldreda.

The High Altar.

There were a few of these wonderful heating appliances along the sides of the Cathedral.  Apparently they do not throw out much heat LOL

The Etheldreda Banner which was made by a Miss Yams of Bayswater in 1910.  It is still used today during great processions at the Cathedral and depicts Saint Etheldreda with a crosier as first Abbess of Ely.

I was amazed to find that we had spent well over two hours in the Cathedral as there was so much to see.  I have to say that my back really felt it, though, which is why we only had a bite to eat and a quick look at the shops before heading back to the railway station.  Still, we will be able to explore more next time we visit :-)

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Helga said...

What a divine catherdal! Those windows are heavenly.You English have the most magnificent architectural heritage!! x