Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A little vignette...

...on the dining table.

Once the dolls' house is finished and in its designated space in the living room, then half my dining table will be free again, my loves. My little vignettes can actually be placed in the centre of the table then ;-)

I know that some folk will probably be thinking that I should clean the water jug and basket but there is something about their tarnished appearance that I just really like.

A closer view of the little glass cloche.....which is actually a cheese dome! 

The little vintage china dolls head is so pretty.  She looks very happy nestled in her bed of sweet fabric flowers.

I thought that these pepper pots were so gorgeous ~ even though one has a discoloured lid and another has no lid at all!

The lid-less pot makes a perfect little one-bloom vase.  This beautiful rose is from my garden :-)

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