Monday, 20 June 2011

Oh blue and white china ~ how I do love thee!

I'm sure you have realised by now, sweetie~pies, that I have quite the love affair going on with blue and white china.  I admit that I'm not the monogamous type when it comes to the different patterns, designs or makers ~ I pretty much love 'em all ;-) 

A closer view of my blue and white china cabinet. I thought I would use some of the vintage doilies (from my ever-growing collection!) which have pink in them as a change from using plain cream or white ones :-)  I am thinking about either painting the inside of the cabinet or attaching pretty paper as I'm not so keen on the vast areas of bland wood!

The bottom shelf has some of my more delicate ornaments on display, as well as a few pieces of my blue and white collection.

I thought it would be nice, sweetie~pies, to mix in some of my pieces of brass with the blue and white on the middle shelf.

The top shelf is just pure blue and white ~ for now, any way

A mixture of pretties on top of the cabinet :-)  The plant was previously in the porch and was looking a bit sorry for itself as I tended to neglect it I'm afraid!  I had to pinch out quite a lot of dead leaves and spindly stems but it is looking waaay healthier now ~ I will have to try to remember to take a photo to show you, my loves.

These three little pieces are very tatty indeed but I love them nevertheless!

This little plate, one of a pair, is a fairly recent acquisition.

And here is the other little plate, sweetie~pies.

Since I don't need to be in and out of the cabinet I have set out a few more pretties in front of the doors.

I decided to thin-out the display on the corner shelf beside cabinet. Mind you, the single items I now have on each shelf take up plenty of room so I would be hard-pressed to fit any other little bits 'n' bobs on there! The little basket at the bottom belonged to my Great Aunt Mary. It is more than a little "wrecked" but I still love it :-)

I moved some of the blue and white china out of the cabinet ~ my collection was filling it up somewhat!  These pieces are not quite so "precious" ~ if you see what I mean ~ as most of the items left in the cabinet, but hopefully if Daisy does knock any of them over they will survive intact!

It didn't take me long to start changing things!

A closer view of the knitted cakes ~ alas not made by me, my loves.

It's such a hard life, isn't it, being a much-loved moggy ;-)

Little Miss Daisy likes to soak up the sun ~ and makes herself comfy on my lovely vintage cotton lace curtains!

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