Sunday, 19 June 2011

A walk to the bottle-bank

Oh yes, my loves, I certainly know how to have a good time ;-)  I do like to take photos of this short walk, though ~ it's amazing at how familiar scenery changes over the course of the year.  The pair of shoes in the photo above were just laying like this on a grassy area.  I wonder if their owner got into trouble for coming home without her shoes!

This poor tree has been dead for quite some time now.  It looks terribly sad standing there amongst all the verdant greenery of its neighbours.  Still, that is what living is about isn't it ~ life and death. 

I recently received an invitation to join a group on Flickr which shows photos of signs and since then its dawned on me just how many signs there are all around us, sweetie~pies!  I suppose we are just so used to them that we don't even notice them most of the time :-)  

These trees are on the edge of Walsworth Common.  I don't know what they are but they are very lush at the moment.  Look at those brown patches on the grass though!  It's been so dry in recent weeks but thankfully we've had a fair bit of rain this past week or so.

I have taken photos of this bench before ~ it seems to have been at this precarious angle forever!

And here, my loves, is the object of our destination ~ the recycling bins.  People are so lazy, aren't they *sigh*  Just how difficult is it to actually put the glass, plastic, etc in the flippin bins!  I expect they are the same folk who then complain about the cost of council tax.

Another sign ~ and one which folk take no notice of.  It wouldn't surprise me to find that these people are amongst the first to make a fuss about the rats, etc.  And apart from anything else, just how good for the ducks is it to be eating bread I wonder ~ somewhat removed from their natural diet methinks! 

These fluffy little babies were so cute!  I'm not sure if they were baby coots or moorhens to be honest.  Whatever they were, their Mum didn't seem in the least bit concerned that her babies were wandering off without her LOL

This chap was having a very good grooming session!

We walked back across the Common.  This jungle of overhead lines is on the London to Cambridge railway line.  It all looks very dangerous and complicated if you ask me!

Yet another sign.

And in other news..... 

This isn't a very sharp photo my loves, I know, but I had to rush to get my camera when this jay landed on the log-store in the garden t'other day.  We don't get them visiting very often but it's always nice to see one.  At least it is for us ~ the other birds get very agitated and the blackbirds will chase the jay away.

Poor Daisy had to wear a collar after she had been spayed, as she pulled out her stitches!  I was absolutely amazed at how quickly she started to heal up, though, sweetie~pies.  She had the op on the Thursday and had pulled out those pesky stitches by Friday morning ~ and the skin was starting to knit together already!  How incredible is that!  We took her back to the vet and luckily she was able to just have the collar and not need to have any staples :-) 

As you can see, the collar is now off and Daisy is back to her usual self ;-)  She has recently discovered this comfy spot on the top of Beverly's wardrobe and happily spends part of every day snoozing up there now.  She is spending more time than usual upstairs at the moment as we have a house guest in the shape of my parents' dog, Jacob, staying for a few days.  Never mind Daisy, he is going home again tomorrow LOL 

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