Friday, 22 July 2011

I've been keeping it quiet...

...but I have pulled myself together and got started back on the 'ole weight reduction/fitness path, my loves :-)  I decided to take the plunge and join Slimming World ~ actually going to a group, as opposed to trying to do this all by myself with their online option.  I'm following their Extra Easy Plan ~ which as the name suggests, is incredibly easy!  It really does help to know that I am going to be weighed each week and whether I have a good week or bad, I will still be receiving lots of encouragement.  It's just way too easy for me to simply give up if I have a "bad" week when I am trying to motivate myself.

Of course, sweetie~pies, I realise that there will probably be some of you out there shaking your heads and muttering something along the lines of  "uh-oh, here she goes again" and quite frankly, I couldn't blame you for that ;-)  That's why I've kept this to myself for the past eight weeks, until I was comfortable with going to the group meetings.  I didn't want to embarass myself by telling you what I was doing one week, only to have to 'fess up that I'd packed it in the next! 

I started on 27th May at 316.5 pounds, which equates to 22st 8.5lbs, and have so far shed 10.5 pounds.  I decided not to set an ultimate goal for the time being ~ to get down into my healthy weight range means a maximum of about 11 stone (154 pounds) which quite frankly is a rather disheartening weight to be aiming for at the moment, my loves!  So for the time being I am aiming for my Club 10 target, which simply means shedding 10% of one's excess weight as even dropping this amount helps one's health enormously :-)  My Club 10 target is 20st 4.5lbs (284.5 pounds), a reduction of 32 pounds.  So I'm about one-third of the way there!  Once I do get there, I will set my next target but I'm not going to think too much about that just yet LOL 

I've also started to do more walking, although I confess that I do find it quite hard going with all the weight I am carrying right now.  Still, today I managed to walk into town and back home again, which is getting on for about two miles in total.  I must admit, sweetie-pies, that my poor 'ole legs were tingling and felt burning hot by the time I got home but I was just so chuffed that I had been able to do it!  It's such a long time since I have been able to walk that kind of distance :-) 

I'm sure that you will all be absolutely delighted to know that I intend to keep you up-to-date with my progress ~ so look out for the next thrilling instalment next week LOL


Sharon said...

Hey, Girl, Whatever works! Good for you!

Pixie said...

I joined SLimming World back in the early spring. I have lost 16 lbs the easy way. I bike regularly now and feel better than I have in years. Good luck to you!

Sharon said...

'Tis a small world, Pixie! I see from your profile that you live near Boston ~ well, my family are from around there, too LOL My Mum lived in Sutterton and my Dad in Kirton :-)