Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A garden visitor...a cute kitty...and a teensy wee bit of "trauma" for Beverly!

I was sitting at the computer the other day when I heard a scrabbling sort of noise.  I didn't take any notice at first as I thought it was a cat clambering over the fence.  The noise continued though, so I looked out the window and saw that there we had a visitor :-)

We don't get squirrels visiting the garden very often, so I always find it a bit of a thrill when one drops by LOL

I know that grey squirrels are considered pests but I still can't help finding them pretty cute ~ just look at that sweet little face...

...and curly tail!

He/she stayed on the fence post for quite some time, just watching me watching him/her.

Eventually he/she decided to trundle off again.  Bye bye cute little squirrel :-)

Daisy finds junk mail so comfy ~ especially when it's in Daddy's chair ;-)

What a bloomin cheek!  I spread out my giant granny square for a spot of measuring, turned my back for a minute and found Miss Daisy had taken possession of said piece of crochet.  She made herself right at home doing her ablutions!

Daisy's life is just positively exhausting at times LOL

"Go on Mum, tickle my cute furry belly ~ you know you want to"

"Oh no, Miss Daisy, I am not as daft as you seem to think I am ~ I have seen with my own eyes what you do to your poor little catnip-filled butterfly toy!"

"Cute as you are, I am not daft enough to put my hands anywhere within striking distance when you are rolling around on the (unvacuumed!) carpet"

And this, my loves, is the "trauma" Beverly went through t'other day.  Have you spotted what caused her such distress and dismay??  Yes indeedy, my little girl has her first grey hair ~ at the ripe old age of 20 1/2 LOL  She should worry ~ I had my first grey hairs at the age of 13!

She managed to pull herself together so that I could take a photo of her eventually ;-)

She goes back up to Orkney tomorrow and won't be home again until Christmas.  Sam is going back to uni on 1st September, so Adrian and I will be empty-nesters once more.  I shall have to get used to shopping and cooking just for two all over again!

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Sharon said...

The squirrel is really cute, looked like she posed for you! Daisy loves doing what cats do best, I see. My gray started coming in when I was 17 I think, just a couple stragglers, until after my youngest was born. It is quite disturbing though, that first one.