Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Houseplants ~ and a surprise bouquet!

I've shown you this houseplant before but just look at what appeared in its pot recently!  I noticed it one morning ~ and I swear it wasn't there the day previously!  I have no idea how it got into the compost.

Does anyone have any idea what kind of toadstool it may be and why it suddenly popped up in a houseplant?

A closer view of the toadstool, which has a somewhat phallic appearance in this photo ;-)  I must say that the colour looked rather unpleasant on closer inspection! 

The strange little toadstool proceeded to open out like an umbrella!
It shrivelled up and died but a second one appeared a few days back.  This one didn't last as long as the first ~ I shall let you know if any more grow ;-)

This is one of the camellia plants that my Mum gave me this last Christmas.  It's looking so beautiful and seems to like living on the kitchen windowsill ~ it is really thriving!

A closer view of those gorgeous petals.  They look for all the world as if they have been dipped in pink dye :-)

The cyclamen on the kitchen windowsill is still going strong, too :-)

Our next-door neighbours moved house the weekend before this last.  On the Monday Peter surprised me with these gorgeous flowers as a "thank you" for letting them park on our driveway whilst they loaded up, and also for being "such nice neighbours".  How sweet was that!  I was very touched, as you can imagine :-) 

The flowers filled the house with their beautiful scent for days afterwards.  I do so love to receive flowers...


Sharon said...

How odd to have a toadstool show up on a houseplant! Too much moisture? You never know what is floating in the air!

Your flowering houseplants are gorgeous! So is the bouquet from the neighbors!

Marlene Ruth Gomes said...

Oi sou do Brasil gostei muito da ppstagem da boneca julia tenho uma e adoro o nome original é rosaura da jesmar