Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Yay ~ feathers at last!

Well, sweetie~pies, the good news is that at last Imogen's feathers are coming through ~ the bad news is that she is now living alone...

She and Martha were fine for a good week or so, then all of a sudden Martha started picking on poor Imogen ~ and pulled out virtually all the new feathers that were coming through!  She kept chasing her away from the food, just like the Black Rocks did ~ I wasn't best pleased, my loves, as you can no doubt imagine.  So Martha was promptly sent off back to live with the big girls, leaving Imogen "home alone". 

I've been quite worried that little Imogen would be lonely all by herself, but to be honest she seems absolutely fine!  She potters about in the run, goes back in the sheltered section for a snooze when she feels like it and comes over for a chat when I'm out in the garden :-)   She is obviously a little chickie who is happy with her own company ~ especially, I guess, since she isn't being chased or harassed anymore :-)

It was so difficult to get a photo of Imogen's head ~ she was way too busy eating to "pose" for me LOL  All the red-coloured sections on her head were pale pink at one point, which is when I truly thought I was going to lose her, but thankfully she has got her colour back again. It is incredible how much happier she looks, and just wonderful to see her with a nice full crop at the end of the day.

I will wait until all her feathers have grown back then try putting Martha back in with her.  If Martha goes for her again she will have to go back in with the big girls permanently, so that Imogen can live in peace.

Do you ever get the impression that Daisy is queen of all she surveys!  This, my loves, is one of her favourite poses ;-) 

She has come on in leaps and bounds ~ quite literally, as it happens, at various points during the day LOL  Her coat is gorgeous now, all silky soft, and her little belly is covered with lovely fluffy fur.  Her back end has filled out, too ~ she is no longer all bony ~ and even the fur on her tail is now lush and silky.  I think it is probably a combination of having been spayed and the change to her diet :-) 

 Little Miss Daisy really is the most beautiful puss...


Sharon said...

Poor Imogen! She does look on the mend, maybe Martha will leave her alone after and maybe not - can't figure out chickens.

Daisy is one beautiful cat!

Sharon said...

No, I can't figure out chickens either!